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Olu Deniz Holidays

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Olu Deniz Holidays

Olu Deniz is one of the most dazzling holiday resorts in Turkey. The resort’s Blue Lagoon is world-famous and even more spectacular than its photographs would have you believe, with incredible turquoise waters that shimmer beneath the majestic mountain scenery.

The Blue Flag beach that leads to the lagoon is the most popular in the country, offering both peace and watersports, while if you are more of a thrill-seeker take a trip to Babadag Mountain to try paragliding! By evening, you can party beside the ocean in the laid-back style unique to Olu Deniz, or head to nearby Hisaronu for a livelier night on the town.

Great for…

Couples – Olu Deniz offers both relaxation and adventure, and an excellent blend of places to eat and things to see

Beach fans – The resort’s iconic Blue Lagoon is one of the most gorgeous sights on Earth, and the beaches are bathed in glorious weather through the holiday season

Adventurers – Watersports, paragliding, scuba diving, and more!

Types of holidays

You’ll find every type of board basis in Olu Deniz: All Inclusive, Full Board, Half Board, Bed and Breakfast, Self Catering and Room Only.

Flight time:

About 4 hours

Average high temperature:

January 16°C – August 30°C

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Karbel Sun Hotel


This 3* hotel stands 5 minutes from the beach and 10 minutes from the famous Olu Deniz blue lagoon, and has a range of different themed rooms and entertainment throughout the day and evening.


Majestic Hotel


Surrounded by green-tipped mountains, the 3* Majestic Hotel lives up to its name. It’s perfect for a peaceful holiday and has enough facilities to keep you and the children entertained whenever you are relaxing on-site.Surrounded by green-tipped mountains, the 3* Majestic Hotel lives up to its name. It’s perfect for a peaceful holiday and has enough facilities to keep you and the children entertained whenever you are relaxing on-site.


Perdikia Beach


This 3* hotel is 200 metres from the beach, but the on-site pool is so inviting that you may never want to leave the hotel. You can enjoy sports, live entertainment, and a health centre while the children spend their time in the kids’ club.


Family – A family holiday in Olu Deniz is a favourite with mums, dads, and kids alike. The child-friendly hotels are likely to have kids’ clubs and kids’ pools, plus themed nights and entertainment running through the day and after sunset. You can spend days by the pool or days stretched out on the beach, soaking up the beautiful sun and enjoying the turquoise water. Grand Ucel Waterpark is a great attraction for the whole family to enjoy when you want some time away from the beach but are still keen on enjoying the sun and splashing about!

Couples – An Olu Deniz holiday’s charm lies in its variety as much as its beauty. A couples holiday here can be idyllic and rejuvenating, adventurous and exhilarating, or cultural and perfect for exploring. The beaches are of course perfect for basking in the sun, and the local restaurants offer atmospheric views as well as great-tasting food. If you are looking for excitement, there’s paragliding and parasailing up high, or snorkelling and scuba diving down under the waves. Then if you’re not exhausted and want some culture during your Turkey holiday, the Greek “ghost village” of Kayakoy makes for a unique visit, and the amphitheatre and Lycian tombs at Fethiye are only 12km away.


Nightlife – The nightlife is not as wild here as it can be in Marmaris or Bodrum, and tends to involve restaurants and cafes that stay open to become bars in the evening. There are places on the beach like Shadows Bar where you can dance until late, but many places close at midnight, and almost all of them finish by 2am. Until then, though, there are cocktails to be sipped and dance floors to be filled! A short bus ride away you’ll have Hisaronu, which has more bars, restaurants, and nightclubs than you’ll find in Olu Deniz, as well as a live music venue.



Activities – The watersports and more adventurous activities to enjoy around Olu Deniz are usually found around the beaches, where you can try all manner of excitement. Paragliding is one of the most popular things to try during an Olu Deniz holiday, along with boat tours, snorkelling, diving, jet skiing, kayaking, and horse riding in nearby Fethiye. There are also waterparks and the Kidrak Natural Park nearby.



Culture – Most cultural activities during an Olu Deniz will involve excursions. Kayakoy village is over 5,000 years old and was abandoned during the 1920s. The 500 or so empty buildings, which include two churches, are protected by the Turkish government and make for an enchanting walk through history. Other day tours include an overnight visit to Ephesus, which was an ancient Greek city on the coast of Ionia, and the Tlos Ruins, which is an ancient, ruined Lycian citadel at the top of a hill near Fethiye.



Annual events – The Olu Deniz Air Games take place a month after the typical Turkish holiday season ends, but it’s a spectacular October event that sees paragliders taking off from Babadag Mountain and putting on aerial displays throughout the whole day. In April there is the International Children’s Festival in nearby Fethiye, which is filled with activities and fun for younger people. You can also enjoy a two-day event in May called Cala’ay Carnival, which features a colourful parade and an open-air concert.



Getting around – Using the dolmus (minibuses) or hiring a car are the best ways to get around during an Olu Deniz holiday. Dolmus are a cheap and reliable way to get around, while hire cars can be more expensive than the minibus and some of the roads need to be navigated carefully.



Palm Tree – Off the main street, Palm Tree makes delicious Turkish and international food, cooked and served up for pleasingly low prices.



The Reef Bar Bistro Club – For something a little more special, this restaurant specialises in Italian and fusion dining, as well as grilling up excellent meat dishes.



Joseph’s Restaurant – The friendly, charismatic staff here make any meal eaten here a pleasure, while the food itself ranges from Turkish to Indian to British, offering both local treats and familiar fry-ups.



Yengec Restaurant – This family-run restaurant serves up a range of different dishes and is part of a hotel that sits in a picture-perfect setting by the mountains. Best to book early, because tables fill up fast.



Barracuda – You can expect al fresco dining with a romantic atmosphere and helpful staff here, serving up delicious Turkish, Mediterranean, and European dishes.



Blue Lagoon – Top of the list – and top of many people’s reasons to visit Olu Deniz – is the Blue Lagoon, also known as Kumburnu. It’s one of the most exquisite beaches in the world, and while it becomes busy at the height of the season it is always worth visiting.



Kidrak Beach – Just 2km south-east of Olu Deniz, Kidrak Beach is a quiet, pebbled strip of shingle and sand lying beneath a sweeping headland.



Belcekiz Beach – This is the main Olu Deniz beach, and bustles with sunbathers and watersports enthusiasts. Paragliding is particularly popular here, where daredevils leap from the surrounding Babadag mountains and glide down to the beach.



Butterfly Valley Beach – Pick up a boat from Olu Deniz Beach and take a trip to Butterfly Valley, where you will only find basic accommodation such as tents and teepees and a small restaurant. There isn’t even electricity on the island – just natural beauty and a glorious scenic beach.



Play de Puerto Colon – This beach is popular with families and has a vibrant atmosphere.



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