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On any trip to Australia, there’s always more to see, do and marvel at on this vast land. From its breathtaking natural beauty and unique wildlife to stunning coastlines and buzzing cities, whatever you’re looking for from your next adventure, Australia has something to offer.

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    Australia overview

    Australia was originally inhabited by the indigenous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, with their history spanning over 65,000 years. British colonisation followed the discovery of the land by Captain James Cook, and the country served as a convict settlement in the late 18th and 19th centuries. Australia’s federation as a nation took place in 1901, followed by independence from the British Empire in 1941.  

    The country is known for its diverse communities, which have enriched the nation’s cuisine, arts, music and traditions, and its deep-rooted love of sport, sporting events and competitions holds strong cultural significance. Australia’s history and culture continue to evolve, and its unique blend of ancient indigenous heritage and modern multiculturalism make it a fascinating destination to explore and experience.  

    Australia holiday highlights

    The beauty of Australia is in its diversity – there really is something for everyone. Here are just 10 of the different highlights you could enjoy there:

    Great Barrier Reef Australia

    1. Great Barrier Reef

    Explore world’s largest coral reef system, teeming with marine life and offering fantastic snorkelling and diving opportunities.

    What to eat

    Australian cuisine reflects its colonial past and the cultural diversity of the country. Australians love a good barbecue (barbie), so it’s common to see meat, sausages or fresh seafood sizzling away. A delicious Australian fish, barramundi, is often served with lemon or other flavourful sauces, and for a taste of the local fauna, try kangaroo and emu meat. To satisfy a sweet tooth, try lamingtons, a traditional sponge cake coated in chocolate and rolled in desiccated coconut, or Anzac biscuits, made with oats, coconut and syrup.

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