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There’s something for everyone on St Lucia, whether you’re looking for tropical relaxation on white sandy beaches or hiking adventures to take in the natural beauty of rainforests and dormant volcanoes. 

Explore the history of the island by visiting historic colonial forts, immerse yourself in Caribbean culture at the Carib Cultural Village or local markets, or enjoy the Caribbean music scene in local bars or at the St Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival.  

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    St Lucia holiday highlights 

    Here are the top 10 things to do during your holiday in St Lucia. 

    Gros Piton Hike St Lucia (1)

    1. Hike up Gros Piton

    St Lucia’s iconic twin volcanic peaks. From the top you’ll enjoy the best views on the island, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Pitons are St Lucia’s most recognisable landmark.

    St Lucia overview

    St Lucia’s culture is a unique and eclectic mix. The island has a strong sense of heritage and cultural identity that locals love to celebrate to this day. From the colourful pirate history to the deeply held customs, there is plenty to explore in St Lucia. 

    Music is a big part of St Lucian life – calypso, soul and reggae can be enjoyed at Gros Islet, known for its Friday night street party, or at Rodney Bay in one of the many local bars. To celebrate its music, St Lucia hosts annual events such as the St Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, a vibrant event that also showcases the island’s love of art. 

    What to eat

    St Lucia is known for its creole cuisine inspired by its diverse cultural heritage. Seafood naturally takes centre stage, with a range of stunning dishes that feature local catches such as mahi-mahi, snapper and lobster, often prepared with vibrant spices and herbs. 

    One of the most famous dishes is the iconic green fig and saltfish, made from green bananas cooked until tender and served with salted codfish, sautéed onions, peppers and seasonings.  

    Another favourite is bouyon, a hearty stew that combines root vegetables, green bananas, meat and dumplings, all simmered together to create a flavourful and satisfying meal. 

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