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Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Holidays to Guatemala

Adventure awaits you in Guatemala!

Holidays to Guatemala 

Adventure awaits you in Guatemala!  

Take a holiday of a lifetime to the stunning country of Guatemala. Witness its breath-taking natural landscapes, explore its ancient past, discover its unique culture and delight in its delicious cuisine. Guatemala has so much to offer for your next holiday adventure!  

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    Guatemala holiday highlights 


    Panorama Of Tikal National Park Guatemala

    1. Visit the Tikal National Park

    Visit the Tikal National Park and explore the pyramids and temples of the ancient Mayan city hidden in the jungle.

    Guatemala overview

    Take a trip to Guatemala, the former heartland of Mayan civilisation. This fascinating country will captivate your interest from the minute you arrive, with its impressive cities, pyramids, temples and palaces still standing, dating back to approximately 200–900 AD. 

    Tikal, located in the northern Petén region of the country, is one of the most iconic Mayan sites, and home to the Great Plaza, Temple of the Great Jaguar and Temple of the Masks. El Mirador, also located nearby in Petén, features massive pyramids, including La Danta Pyramid, one of the tallest pyramid structures in the world, together with plazas and causeways. El Mirador showcases some of the earliest examples of urban planning and monumental architecture on Earth.  

    Guatemala’s rich historical tapestry extends beyond that. Spanish conquistadors colonised the country in the 16th century for nearly three centuries until it gained independence from Spain in 1821, following the Mexican War of Independence. In more recent times Guatemala experienced a 36-year-long civil war, until 1996.  

    Today, Guatemala has a rich and vibrant culture influenced by indigenous culture, colonial rule and more modern customs and practices. These are reflected in its festivals and religious events and ceremonies, music, dance, traditional dress and artefacts. 


    What to eat

    Guatemala offers a unique and delicious cuisine influenced by Mayan and Spanish flavours. If you like plenty of flavour and spice, you’re in for a treat! To get a taste of the authentic cuisine, try the traditional Guatemalan stew, pepián, chiles rellenos (stuffed peppers), or subanik, a refreshing and spicy salad. To satisfy a sweet tooth don’t miss the opportunity to try rellenitos, sweet plantain patties, often dusted with cinnamon and sugar, while savouring a cup of Guatemala’s famously high-quality coffee.  

      Lake Atitlan Guatemala

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