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No matter how many times you visit America, there’s always something new to see. From the theme parks in Florida and Boston’s historical sights to seeing the Grand Canyon from a helicopter and hiking through the USA’s varied national parks, you’ll find an adventure around every corner. 

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    America Holiday Highlights 

    The beauty of America is in its diversity - there really is something for everyone. Here are 10 of the different types of holidays you could enjoy in the USA: 

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    1. City breaks

    Explore the iconic landmarks of New York, ride the cable cars in San Francisco, explore the world’s most famous sidewalk: the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles or eat deep dish pizza in Chicago.

    USA Overview

    Journey through America’s history from the vibrant Native American beginnings through to the mass immigration of many different nationalities coming through Ellis Island in New York. Irish, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Cuban - America is a beautiful mixture of many different cultures and traditions.

    Everyone has left their imprint on present-day American culture leaving holiday-makers captivated by the incredible stories that have shaped this country. 

    What to eat

    Enjoy a wide variety of culinary delights in America; from clam chowder in New England and cheesesteaks in Philadelphia to gumbo in the Deep South and kalua pig in Hawaii.  

    Travelling through the USA will take you on a culinary journey through different cultures and local delicacies that will excite your taste buds and leave you wanting more!  

    Places to go to in the USA

    Palm Beach Florida


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