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View Of The Galapagos Islands

Holidays to Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands

Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands: The holiday of a lifetime.

Witness the wonders of Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands 

Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands truly are a dream holiday destination. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Ecuador, hike up volcanoes, and witness the unique and breathtaking marine life of the Galápagos Islands. With a trip to Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands, a true adventure and holiday to remember awaits!  


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    Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands holiday highlights 

    Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands truly are dream holiday destinations with stunning landscapes, unique wildlife, rich cultural experiences and outdoor adventures. Here are just 10 of the highlights you can enjoy.  

    Plaza De San Francisco Quito Ecuador

    1. Explore the old town of Quito

    Explore the old town of Quito, a large and well-preserved colonial city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Ecuador and Galápagos Islands overview

    Ecuador was once home to several indigenous civilisations including the Inca Empire and various Andean cultures. The Ecuador you see today reflects the country’s different layers of history, in a vibrant display of music and dance, colourful celebrations and delicious cuisine.  

    The Galápagos Islands, located around 1,000 kilometres from Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean, were first discovered by chance in 1635 by a Spanish bishop travelling from Panama to Peru. During the 17th and 18th centuries the islands served as a refuge for pirates and as a stopover for whaling ships.  

    Charles Darwin visited the islands in 1835, and his observations there contributed to his theory of evolution. Today, the islands are a hugely popular tourist destination, but are strictly protected and regulated to protect their fragile ecosystems and species. 


    Ecuadorian Food

    What to eat

    Ecuador offers a delicious range of food, influenced by its indigenous roots and history. For a taste of the Coastal Lowlands, try ceviche, fresh fish or seafood marinated in citrus and seasonings. When you visit the Highlands, be sure to try locro de papa, a hearty potato soup. For those with a sweet tooth, try espumilla, a traditional Ecuadorian dessert made from fruit pulp, egg whites and sugar.  

      Isabel Island Galapagos

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