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Aerial View Of Puerto Viejo Beach Costa Rica

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Create everlasting memories in captivating Costa Rica 

Costa Rica in Central America offers exciting landscapes, beautiful beaches, and a warm ‘pura vida’ (pure life) culture. Journey into the depths of the rainforest to marvel at the native wildlife or experience an ecosystem like no other at the Monteverde Cloud Forest.

Trek the lava fields and relax in the hot springs and thermal pools of the Arenal Volcano. Get your adrenaline fix with white-water rafting, zipline through the rainforest, snorkel in the crystal-clear seas, or tee-off from one of the world-class golf courses.  

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    Costa Rica holiday highlights 

    The Costa Rican balance of breathtaking natural landscapes, diverse wildlife and thrilling outdoor adventures offers a unique variety of not-to-be-missed experiences.  

    Manuel Antonio National Park Costa Rica

    1. Roam the national parks and reserves

    Hike, explore and get up close with the native wildlife in Costa Rica’s stunning conservation areas such as Corcovado National Park or Manuel Antonio National Park.

    Costa Rica overview

    Before colonisation in 1502, Costa Rica was inhabited by the Huetar, Chorotega and Bribri people who farmed, hunted and fished the land and seas. During his final voyage, Christopher Columbus discovered the area, taking it as part of the Spanish colonial empire.

    Costa Rica became independent from Spain in 1821, later joining the United Provinces of Central America, and in 1838 declared its sovereignty to become a fully independent nation. 

    In 1948, after a brief civil war, the country decided to abolish its army and focus on education, social programmes and healthcare, resulting in it becoming one of the most peaceful and politically stable countries in South America. 

    Today, Costa Rica continues to develop economically while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental conservation and social well-being, especially education and quality of life. 

    What to eat

    Food in Costa Rica is a flavourful fusion of tastes influenced by its Spanish, African and Caribbean heritage. One must-try dish is olla de carne, a delicious, hearty Costa Rican beef stew made with corn, yuca, plantains and potatoes. For a snack, you have to try chifrijo, an appetiser consisting of rice, beans, pork and pico de gallo with tortilla chips – perfect with a cold beer! To drink, it has to be one of Costa Rica’s infamous coffees grown and harvested in this magical country. 

      Aerial View Of San Jose Costa Rica

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