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Bottom Bay Beach Framed With Palm Trees Barbados

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Immerse yourself in the Caribbean island of Barbados 

Barbados, part of the Lesser Antilles Island chain in the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea, is awash with idyllic beaches, fascinating colonial history and a welcome that will make you want to never leave. 

Explore over 80 tropical white-sand beaches including Paynes Bay, a favourite spot for both locals and tourists. Discover the history of Barbados’ colonial past in the plantation and slavery systems and take a walk round the island’s capital, Bridgetown, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Or explore the local wildlife and stunning landscapes, both on land and at sea. Whatever you’re looking for in a holiday, Barbados will certainly deliver. 

Holidays to Barbados from the UK are available as all-inclusive relaxation retreats, last-minute trips to the sun, romantic getaways, and even as luxurious family holidays. 

Barbados holiday highlights 

With a rich colonial history, spectacular tropical beaches and vibrant culture, Barbados has much to offer any traveller. Here are the top 10 things to do while holidaying there: 

Bottom Bay Beach Barbados

1. Unwind on the tropical shores

Choose to soak up the Caribbean sun, laze on the soft white sand or swim in the warm, turquoise waters of over 80 exquisite beaches across the island.

Why book Barbados

An unforgettable blend of sun kissed shores, historical sites, Caribbean cuisine and so much more awaits you. Book your holiday to blissful Barbados and count down the days to paradise.  

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    Bardados overview

    Barbadians are proud of their African/British heritage, celebrating this with the bold flavours of their food, their vibrant culture and Afro-Caribbean music. The island sees many festivals and celebrations throughout the year, including the Crop Over festival with colourful parades celebrating the end of the sugarcane harvest in the summer.  

    Barbadians by nature are open, thoughtful, and generous, with a strong reputation for warm hospitality and providing a relaxing atmosphere for all. It's no wonder the scenic Island routinely hosts some of the most treasured times for travellers, who are ticking off a famed bucket-list location.  

    Despite the laid-back atmosphere of Barbados, there are still a few tips to show respect and etiquette as a guest on the Island. After a day on the beach, it is highly appreciated to change out of swimwear to more everyday attire before entering public spaces and towns, this is due to the deep-rooted Christian values of Barbados. The best way to greet a new person is a simple “good morning/afternoon/evening” like in the UK, and there’s no need to go beyond a handshake. 

    The Island is home to many historical sites, such as the Morgan Lewis Windmill, the largest and only fully functional sugar windmill in the Caribbean and has been under the care of the National Trust since 1962. Whilst exploring Barbados, the Parliament Buildings in Bridgetown and Nicholas Abbey in Saint Peter also give excellent insights to the history of the Island.  

    What to eat

    Reflecting its cultural heritage, Bajan cuisine is a fusion of bold Caribbean, African and British flavours. The beloved national dish of Barbados is cou-cou, like polenta. Or for a lighter dish, try the fish cutter, a salt bread roll filled with fried fish and condiments. 

    As Barbados is an island, fish is plentiful and a staple in many dishes. Why not try flying fish, mahi-mahi, snapper or treat yourself to lobster? And to drink, experience the rich flavours of Barbadian rum with the famous Bajan rum punch, a delicious mix of rum, fresh lime juice, syrup and Angostura bitters.  

    To taste the very best of Barbados, we recommend Champers restaurant overlooking Rockley Beach which provides a serene spot for a romantic evening with unspoilt views of the Ocean. If you’re looking for a local favourite with plenty of character, then Brown Sugar in the heart of Bridgetown is the perfect place that serves traditional Caribbean cuisine in a casual yet chic style.  


    Where to stay in Barbados 

    Book your holiday to Barbados along the west or southern coast of Barbados, each offering beautiful beaches, easy access to the capital Bridgetown, as well as countless cuisine hotspots to get a real flavour of the Island.  

    If you fancy a quiet or romantic trip, swimming in the calmest waters off the most tranquil beaches, the west coast is for you. The southern coast offers a livelier experience of Barbados, with a higher concentration of all-inclusive beach resorts, bars, tourist attractions and nightlife – everything you need for an unforgettable holiday to Barbados.  

      Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa Barbados

      4* Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa

      Located close to Speightstown, in the northwest of the island, just a 15-minute walk from the waters of the Caribbean.

      Types of holidays to Barbados 2024

      Experience the ultimate beachfront experience at one of our trusted hotels, each with their own character and charm to make your trip feel unique and relaxing. All-Inclusive holidays to Barbados provide superb value for money, chances to socialise with new faces, and a plethora of great facilities for you to choose from. Explore our 4 different all-inclusive resorts.  

      • Mango Bay Beach Resort 
      • Sugar Bay Hotel 
      • Island Inn Hotel 
      • The Sands 
        Sea Turtle In Barbados

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