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Amsterdam Canal Netherlands

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The Netherlands offers some unique sights, from colourful tulip fields and the windmills of Kinderdijk to the canals of Amsterdam and Utrecht, and the Cube Houses in Rotterdam.  

The rich cultural heritage of The Netherlands means tourists are spoilt for choice when it comes to art galleries and museums, from the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum to The Mauritshuis. 

But it’s also a country to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, relax on sandy beaches or enjoy the romance of a canal cruise. 


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    The best holidays to take in The Netherlands 

    Amsterdam Canal Netherlands

    1. City breaks

    Whether you’re visiting the Van Gogh Museum or the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, taking in the stunning architecture in the historic old harbour and the Cube Houses in Rotterdam, or you want to relax on the sandy shores of Scheveningen Beach in The Hague, The Netherlands has a city break to suit everyone’s tastes.

    Overview of The Netherlands

    The Netherlands is often cited as a prosperous and progressive nation, known for its high standard of living, embracing social welfare policies and modernisation. The 17th century is often referred to as the Dutch Golden Age, during which time the Netherlands emerged as a major world power. Dutch painters like Rembrandt and Vermeer produced iconic works of art during this period. Bach and Beethoven also came from The Netherlands. 

    The Dutch take great pride in their cultural festivals and traditions, with events such as King’s Day, Sinterklaas and Carnival being celebrated throughout the country. 

    What to eat

    Dutch food is known for being comforting and uncomplicated, using the best produce available locally. One example of this is stamppot, a traditional dish made with mashed potatoes and vegetables. 

    A particularly iconic element of Dutch cuisine is dairy food, especially cheese. Another local delicacy is herring, often enjoyed raw with pickles and onions. For those with a sweet tooth don’t miss stroopwaffles, which are thin waffle cookies with caramel syrup. 


      Scheveningen Beach With Kurhaus Landmark And Sea Netherlands

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