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Holidays to Trinidad & Tobago

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Find a slice of Caribbean paradise with Co-op Travel 

Immerse yourself in the tropical paradise that is Trinidad and Tobago. Walk along beautiful beaches, dive into turquoise waters, or enjoy a water sports adventure. Delight in abundant nature and wildlife, from rainforest to ocean. Learn about the fascinating colonial history of the islands and see the culture in full colour at the Trinidad Carnival. 

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    Trinidad and Tobago holiday highlights 

    With breath-taking tropical beaches, vibrant marine life, lush rainforests and stunning waterfalls, there’s so much to discover in Trinidad and Tobago. Here are our top ten things to do whilst visiting: 

    Maracas Beach Trinidad And Tobago (1)

    1. Explore Maracas Bay

    Known for its palm tree lined golden sand beaches and clear blue waters, this popular beach in Trinidad is ideal to try body or board surfing and is home to the famous "Bake and Shark" sandwich.

    Trinidad and Tobago overview

    Trinidad and Tobago have a diverse cultural mix gained through the many different influences on the islands over the years. The blend of European, African, Indian and indigenous peoples has resulted in a rich and vibrant culture shown through music, cuisine and festivals. 

    The islands are known for their large and famous Carnival, Diwali, and Hosay celebrations, as well being the birthplace of steelpan, the limbo, and music styles such as calypso, soca, rapso, parang, chutney, and chutney soca. 

    English is the official language, and most people speak Trinidad English, a creole language. 

    What to eat

    Trinidad and Tobago’s cuisine is a flavoursome blend of multiple cultures and the influence they’ve had on the islands. The result is delicious creole food that combines the fresh seafood caught around the islands and aromatic spices to create strong, rich flavours. 

    Enjoy local street food ‘doubles’, which consist of two pieces of soft, fluffy flatbread filled with curried chickpeas, chutneys and spicy sauces. Or try Pelau, a one-pot meal combining rice, pigeon peas, meats or seafood, cooked with spices. 

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