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Book Co-op Travel

Holidays With Free Child Places

Free child places are in high demand and can therefore be limited. It’s important to book early and get expert advice to get the holiday you’re after, especially if you are travelling during peak summer season and school holidays.

Booking early with Co-op Travel means the price will be as low as it can be. With low deposits from £49 per person, you can save a lot more in the long run.

Make your holiday even better value for money, book an All Inclusive package. We search 100’s of the UKs best holiday providers so you get the best price for your family holiday.

Book with a Travel Expert in branch or call 01922 218020

At Co-op Travel we’re here to make sure you can “carry on” and live life without worrying. Helping people go on holiday with their families is something we love to do. Recent events are creating a worrisome & stressful situation for people wanting to travel out of the country, so if you're looking for information or want to book a holiday we're here to help you “Keep Calm and Carry On”.

Our support doesn’t just stop once you’ve booked, we are here to help and advise you of all your options related to your holiday and help you make the right decision such as transferring or amending the date of your booking. If anything does happen, we will always make sure our customers’ needs are met whatever the circumstances, we’re here to make sure your holidays are as relaxing as possible.



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