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Krakow Poland Aerial View Of St Mary's Basilica

Flight free holidays to Poland

Explore Poland flight-free with Co-op Holidays and Byway

Thanks to our new partnership with Byways you can now travel to the heart of Poland without the need for air travel. Explore the rich tapestry of Polish history, culture, and landscapes as you travel through the captivating country by alternative means of transport, such as travelling by train, bus or even ferry. From the vibrant streets of Krakow to the tranquil shores of the Baltic Sea, Byway offers custom-crafted itineraries that showcase the best of Poland's diverse attractions, all while prioritising sustainable travel practices.

Whether you're drawn to the medieval architecture of Wroclaw, the pristine beauty of the Tatra Mountains, or the stirring history of Warsaw, there's a flight-free adventure waiting for you. Experience the warmth of Polish hospitality, sample traditional cuisine bursting with flavour, and create memories that will last a lifetime as you explore this enchanting destination at your own pace no more rushing to the airport.

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Handpicked flight-free trips to Poland

    Old Town Warsaw

    Grand tour of Poland

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    £500Per person

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