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Travel Money Enquiry Currency Exchange

At Co-operative Travel, we want to make buying foreign currency at any of our 56 travel branches simple & convenient, and to offer you the best value.

You can have faith in our trained experts to find you a great deal on your travel money, whatever the currency. Simply pop in to see us in branch or just fill in the form below with your travel money enquiry, and we’ll be in touch to discuss the rates and your needs.

Being on the high street means there is no minimum currency purchase requirement for your order and subject to availability you get to choose the note denominations you take away, and we offer a buyback service for if you happen to have travel money left over when you return. We can buy back valid bank notes from you even if you didn’t buy them from us originally.

Don’t wait until you reach the airport; their exchange rates are unlikely to compare with ours. Just get in touch with us today and take another step closer to your perfect holiday.

You may also be interested in our cash passports a great way to take your holiday money abroad with the convenience and security of a pre-paid card.

Coming soon: multi-currency pre-paid travel money cards, for extra convenience when you are travelling to more than one country. Get a great exchange rate and stop worrying about going over budget when you pay on card.


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