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Holidays to USA

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With a population of over 320 million, the USA has experiences to offer every type of traveller. Known for its popular theme parks and incredible variety, a holiday to the USA is perfect for kids and adults. Whether you like to enjoy the sun and outdoor activities or if you enjoy the vibrant and lively nightlife, you will always have something to do during your holiday in USA.

If you enjoy the busy nightlife, then Las Vegas has everything you could need. Las Vegas has a very lively atmosphere and is home to the most spectacular stage performances, vibrant casinos and amazing water fountains. If you’re looking more to explore and take in the culture, then a trip to New York could be for you. With the astonishing central park, world-famous Broadway shows and immense skyscrapers, you will have so much to discover and explore.

Great for…

Families – Kids can spend a dream holiday meeting their favourite characters in Disney World.

Scenery lovers – Some of the world’s most beautiful natural sights can be found in the USA.

Culture buffs – America is one of the world’s most powerful countries, so learn some of its history and experience its culture while you visit.

Flight time:

11 hours

Average high temperature:

22°C (January) – 27°C (August)

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Florida is known as the Sunshine State due to its year-round sunshine and the sunny demeanour of its residents. This holiday destination attracts visitors from all over the world to enjoy the theme parks, impressive scenery, warm coast, and famously large portions of home-cooked food.

While many guests visit mainly for Walt Disney World, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, and the other parks, there is much more to do and see if theme parks aren’t to your taste. There’s the exhilarating wildlife of the Everglades, culture in the form of attractions like the Dali Museum, plus countless shopping malls, beaches, nightclubs, and delicious places to eat.

New York

A holiday in New York is a holiday to a vast collection of iconic sights and landmarks. When most people think of New York holidays, they immediately picture Manhattan with its stunning skyline and multitude of attractions and places to visit. Whilst there is much more to New York than just Manhattan, it is where much of the action takes place! New York itself is a sprawling metropolis, rich in diversity and colour incorporating the boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan.

Las Vegas

The original Sin City, Las Vegas sits like a brightly lit pin-cushion in the middle of the Nevada desert - so bright it can be seen from space. However, there’s more to Las Vegas holidays than Caesar’s Palace and the Vegas Strip. What about star-gazing in Bryce Canyon, flying over the Grand Canyon, or horseback riding through Death Valley?

Las Vegas is rightly called ‘The City That Never Sleeps’, with a 24-hour opening rule on its casinos, nightclubs, restaurants and bars. It’s famous for its drive-through weddings, and bargain holidays to Las Vegas are popular with all singles, and increasingly booked by stag and hen party groups.

Los Angeles

From the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to the offbeat vibe of Venice Beach, Los Angeles holidays are big, brash, and full of surprises. Like the fact that despite the Beverly Hills mansions and Hollywood A-List residents, Los Angeles is a surprisingly affordable city to visit. Book bargain holidays to Los Angeles and you discover the reality behind the names; Beverly Hills with its famous designer strip of Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica with its wooden pier and old world charm, Venice Beach with its muscles. LA may be the City of Angels, but we at Coop Travel have last-minute Los Angeles holidays that are totally down to earth.


Fancy taking a break to a destination that can offer amazing weather, an incredible cultural experience and breath-taking scenery like nowhere else on earth? Well get in touch with Coop Travel today and start organising your holiday to Hawaii.

Hawaii is a state of America and the northernmost group of islands in Polynesia. Known for its warm tropical climate, friendly locals, incredible beaches, wonderful wildlife, and relaxed pace of life, a package holiday to Hawaii can be whatever you want it to be. 


Boston's nickname, 'the Hub of the Solar System', gives you some idea of the grandeur that awaits you on a city break here.

See the first Chinatown district established in America before heading across river to visit Cambridge, home to Harvard University, trendy shops, and the highest concentration of bookstores anywhere in the world. Also not to be missed is a wander around the city's North End district, home to traditional delis, cafes, bakeries and grocery stores harking back to the heyday of such shops in the UK.

Boston city breaks bring to life a multitude of classic American movies and TV shows, and for anyone looking for the roots of modern America, they can be found here.

Must visit – The USA is so vast and iconic that it’s impossible to reduce the experience down to a handful of “must visits”! If you’re travelling with family, the chances are you’ll want to see Walt Disney World, and perhaps some of the other exhilarating, thrill-packed theme parks like Busch Gardens and Universal Studios Florida. Then again, New York is best for visitors wanting to see the most famous American sights, Las Vegas could be the choice for groups seeking adult-only fun, and Hawaii could be most-loved for holidays in the tropical sun. What are you looking for? Because you’ll almost certainly find it, somewhere in the USA!

Family fun – Families flock to America every year to visit the theme parks in California and Florida, with Walt Disney World resorts being some of the most popular. While meeting Mickey, looping the loop on a rollercoaster, and experiencing all the fantasy fun of the world’s greatest theme parks is highly recommended, a holiday in America can offer so much more. Road trips across the country reveal astonishing scenery and let you taste the more authentic American experience, there’s glitz and fun to be had in Hollywood, and iconic sights that will floor even children when they see the immensity of Niagara Falls or the scale of the Grand Canyon.

Natural attractions – The USA is a vast country spilling over with natural wonders. Some of the more widely-known include the immense Grand Canyon, the subtropical river of the Florida Everglades, and the vast sandstone hills of Monument Valley, but there is so much more to see. A road trip through the States is perhaps the best way to appreciate its scale and variety, but you can guarantee that wherever you are staying there will be an awe-inspiring natural attraction close by.

Culture and history – America’s history may be relatively young compared to that of the UK, but it’s one of the most famous in the world. From the cowboy culture of the Wild West, to the musical, culinary, and eventful history of the south, all the way up to the chilly north, where New England’s quaint towns are still filled with a sense of history. You can visit historically significant places such as Boston or Salem, or check out some of the excellent museums you’ll find in America’s huge cities such as New York and LA.

Food and drink – American food is famed not only for its deliciously unhealthy taste, but also for its portion sizes. From Philly cheesesteaks to Maine lobster rolls, Pacific Northwest salmon to Chicago-style pizza, America serves up tasty dish after dish, each as comforting and filling as the last. There’s unrefined U.S. of A classics like twinkies and grits, or more sophisticated flavours in America’s endless array of fine dining restaurants – and don’t forget the craft American beers and California wines.

Night life – Las Vegas could be the top night out in the USA, and for this reason it’s earned its reputation as being America’s adult playground. Of course, you don’t need to visit Sin City for an awesome American night out! New York City and Los Angeles have a huge variety of different night-time hotspots, from stylish and trendy to atmospheric back-alley dives, complete with gritty live music and craft beers. Miami Beach is known for its hyper-glamorous party scene, while New Orleans is where you can immerse yourself in the exotic and humid musical delights of the swampy south.

Need to know

Holidays in USA:

Boston, Florida, New York, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Los Angeles

Popular Destinations:

Turkey, Benidorm, Canaries, Lanzarote, Mexico, Florida, Tenerife, Orlando, Ibiza, New York,

Majorca, Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Costa Dorada, Portugal, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria

Type of Holidays:                                                               

Family holidays, All Inclusive holidays, School holidays, Luxury



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