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Holidays to Phuket

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Cheap Holidays to Phuket

Phuket is an island, which is known for its golden beaches, beautiful scenery and clear blue seas. This island is a mountainous province which is located in the Andaman Sea. Being the biggest island in Thailand, Phuket has high-end resorts, accommodations, diverse range of fun activities and delicious cuisine. Attracting over 5 million tourists a year, Phuket is without a doubt the most popular beach destination in Asia. If a holiday to Phuket is already on your list, give one of our travel experts a call and let us find your perfect Phuket holiday today!

Fun Activities & Attractions – Phuket Holidays

Being the most popular beach destination in Asia, they offer a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors booking holidays to Phuket each year. Most of the popular beaches are on the western side of Phuket. These beaches include Patong Beach and Karon Beach among others. Along with its gorgeous beaches, Phuket also offers snorkelling, swimming, diving, and more. These are the most popular outdoor activities; however, if you are looking for more than just the sun and sea, there are also fascinating tours, safaris and more.

Coop Travel has all-inclusive holidays to Phuket with a variety of beautiful destinations for families or young singles. Book a cheap holiday to Phuket with Coop Travel if you’re looking for a fun-filled and exotic holiday.

Booking Ahead - Phuket Holidays in 2020

If you’re looking to save money, then why not book ahead? Great Phuket holiday deals and packages are now available for Phuket holidays in 2020.

Booking ahead for your holiday to Phuket in 2020 has real advantages. Whether you are booking a romantic getaway or a treat for the family, look no further. Not only can you get a brilliant deal by booking in advance, but it will also take the hassle out of taking last minute time off work. The sooner you book, the sooner you can look forward to it!

Phuket – Holiday Destination Information

Key Information: Phuket is an island of Thailand in the Andaman Sea with large rainforest areas and widely popular beaches. Phuket is a popular holiday destination and has many high-end resorts and hotels.

Ideal Time to Go: High season in Phuket is November - February as this is when it rains the least and the weather isn’t too hot, if weather is very important to you then we recommend having your Phuket holiday during these months, however, this won’t be as cheap and you will have to put up with large crowds. If you’re not too fussy about the weather during your holiday then we recommend going May - October, this is monsoon season when the weather is wettest but it is rare to have continuous days of heavy rainfall and the temperature is still high - this will also be the cheapest and least crowded Phuket holiday possible.

Weather: Phuket has a very warm climate with an annual temperature of 28°C. Temperature wise, Phuket is quite consistent with each month sticking at around the 28°C mark. The warmest months in Phuket are March through to June with average temperatures of 29°C.The coolest months in Phuket are September, November, December and January with average temperatures of 27°C, so there’s really not much contrast at all throughout the year when it comes to temperature. Rainfall on the other hand varies widely throughout the different months in Phuket. The driest months are December - March with around 40mm of rainfall over roughly 6 days each month. The wettest months in Phuket are July - October with around 300mm rainfall over 20 days per month.

Flight Time: Typically, connecting flights from London to Phuket take 14-20 hours

Time Difference: Phuket is 6 hours ahead of UK time

Currency: Thai Baht (THB)

Fun Fact: Petrol is sold in bottles in Phuket – small dealers sell bottled petrol to people who don’t want to go into town in order to fill up at a station.

Top Tip: Never exchange money at your hotel, it may seems great and easy but you’ll find it’s much cheaper to go to an exchange booth or in the UK before you leave for your Phuket holiday.

How To Get There

You’ll have to take connecting flights to your Phuket holiday as direct flights are currently unavailable. Cheap connecting flights can be found all year round due to the popularity of Phuket as a holiday destination.

Places to Go on your Phuket Holiday

Phuket is a great and immensely popular holiday destination with many things to see and do. There’s something for everyone in Phuket, here are our top picks for places to go during your holiday in Phuket:

  • Old Phuket Town – this is a relaxing town filled with culture and beauty, particularly at night when the streets are colourfully lit and the weather is mild. There are plenty of small holiday activities to do in Phuket town and some nice small cafes and restaurants that serve great food at cheap prices.
  • Bangla Road – this is the place to come for a wildly exciting night of clubbing and nightlife. There are lively atmospheres, loud music and bright colourful lights, drinks are also quite cheap, so this makes for great holiday nights out that are sure to create many fun holiday memories.
  • Phi Phi Island – for some people, Phi Phi Island is the only reason to holiday in Phuket - it’s the typical glamorous holiday destination with beautiful golden beaches to relax on lying just ahead of the beautiful clear blue sea. It has been featured in films and is an extraordinary place of beauty that will definitely not disappoint.


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