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Holidays to Thailand

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Holidays to Thailand

Thailand holidays invoke the senses like no other destination. Glittering temples, ethnic villages and endless white beaches blend into a lush interior landscape of jungles, mountains and waterfalls where lush tropical rainforests reverberate with the buzz of exotic birds and animals. We at Coop Travel have bargain holidays to Thailand’s most beautiful and exotic resorts.

Known as the Land of Smiles, Thailand is South-East Asia’s most popular holiday destination. Spread over 73 provinces and islands, last minute Thailand holidays are booked in the north, south and centre of the country. Thailand package holidays in the northern provinces, like Chiang Mai, close to the border with Burma, combine breathtaking mountain scenery with waterfalls and fast-flowing rivers that are ideal for rafting. Little developed, the northeast (Isan) provinces are rich in ethnic tribal culture and customs, with fascinating prehistoric sites and temples within its national parks. A central Thailand holiday offers a vibrant mix of modernity and tradition, the stunning high-rise buildings in the capital of Bangkok, vying with the paddy fields, orchards and river villages of Samutprakarn.

A major number of last minute Thailand holidays are booked in the southern provinces, where some of Thailand’s most beautiful and popular resorts are located. They range from the beautiful, tranquil beaches of Krabi, to the lively island of Phuket. Wherever you decide to go, you’ll find Thailand package holidays are packed with variety and excitement.

Want a buzzing city vacation, combining ancient temples and river cruises with glittering cosmopolitan shopping malls? We suggest late deals in Thailand’s capital of Bangkok.  Looking for a lively party atmosphere, punctuated with water sports activities and relaxing on the beach? The island of Phuket is the leading choice for cheap Thailand holidays. Perhaps you yearn for an island paradise, taking elephant treks through the jungle and photographing Thailand’s exotic flora and fauna. If so, then late deals in Thailand’s beautiful island of Koh Chang will appeal to you. Whatever you decide on, we at Coop Travel promise you a holiday you’ll never forget.

Booking Ahead – Thailand Holidays

If you’re looking to save money, then why not book ahead? Great holiday deals and packages are now available for Thailand holidays.

Booking ahead for your holiday to Thailand has many advantages - especially for families who are looking to save money. Parents can book holidays in advance so they can reserve the time off forthcoming school half term and summer holidays.

Book a Thailand holiday for next year and save money now.

Thailand - Holiday Destination Information

Key Information: Thailand is a tropical paradise which easily attracts over 16 million visitors per year. It is also one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world and offers a whole new perspective and experience for tourists. Thailand is a land of culture which offers beautiful beaches, picturesque mountains and fragrant food. A holiday in Thailand will leave you wanting more.

Ideal Time to Go: Thailand has a tropical monsoon climate which means that you can expect consistent sunny weather with a high rate of rainfall. For those who are looking to book cheap holidays to Thailand, you should consider booking a holiday between November and February. Although the weather may be calmer and cooler, you will be getting great value for money as hotel rates are much cheaper. If you want to soak up the sun, then you should book a holiday to Thailand between April and May as these are the hottest months.

Weather: The tropical monsoon climate means that there will be a high amount of sun, a high rate of rainfall and high humidity. The average annual temperatures range from 22°C to 27°C. The hottest months are March, April and May with temperatures reaching around 35°C. The coolest months are November to February with temperatures dropping to 18°C.

Flight Time: Flights from the UK to Thailand can take around 12 hours.

Time Difference: Thailand is 6 hours ahead of the UK time.

Currency: Baht (฿)

Fun Fact: Buddhism is the most practiced religion in Thailand, with over 95 percent of the population being Buddhist.

Top Tip: Try out the street food stalls. There are food stalls everywhere which offer a variety of cuisine. It’s delicious, cheap and safe to eat. Sometimes even safer than restaurant food. However, take precautions as you normally would. E.g. washing your hands and eating where there are crowds.

How to Get There

Direct and connecting flights to Thailand are available at airports across the UK. Direct flights can take around 11 hours whereas connecting flights, it can take around 20 hours. If you are a UK citizen, then you do not require a visa to enter Thailand if you are staying for less than 30 days.

Places to Visit on Your Thailand Holiday

Thailand is rich in culture and heritage and it offers an abundance of spectacular places to visit. Some parts of Thailand are modernised, whilst there are also some dainty and quiet fishing villages.

  • Bangkok – this is the capital city of Thailand and is filled with activities and entertainment for you to explore. Bangkok is a very tourism-oriented destination which means there are numerous luxurious hotels, vibrant bars and fine dining restaurants.  
  • Grand Palace – this is a spectacular complex of buildings which provide breath-taking scenery. The Grand Palace is one of the most visited and iconic landmarks in Thailand.  
  • Koh Samui – this is the second most popular island in Thailand with superb resorts and indulgent hotels. This is the perfect holiday destination for families as there are a wide variety of resorts for you to visit. 


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