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Holidays to Costa Dorada

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Costa Dorada Holidays

Costa Dorada is the dazzling resort to escape to when you need a Spanish holiday with sun, sand, and the sensational sea. It’s a resort popular with singles too, as it provides a lively nightlife for those who want to party as well as a coast to please the most discerning beach-lovers. The smell of Spanish cooking and the sound of music can be enjoyed throughout Costa Dorada towns such as Salou and the quieter Tarragona, with the summery ambience being helped by the ever-shining sun and the friendly locals. Costa Dorada, which translates to mean “Golden Coast”, gets its name from the 50 miles of gold sand that make up its picturesque coastline.

Great for…

Families – Theme parks and beaches galore offer days of pleasure for children and adults alike.

Groups – The combination of beaches and a lively nightlife means that groups of friends will always have something to relish.

Outdoor fans – You can enjoy watersports, diving, snorkelling, hiking, and more.

Flight time:

2 hours approximately

Average high temperature:

16°C (January) - 29°C (August)

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Salou has beautiful beaches and a buzzing nightlife, making it perfect for groups and couples that love to party. You’ll find clubs, pubs, restaurants, and bars all close to each other and to the holiday accommodation, meaning that adults who love to dance and socialise have endless places to play. Families will love the Salou theme parks, as well as the clear, safe waters where children can paddle and swim during the day.

Cap Salou

Cap Salou is a sleepy resort that offers respite from its rowdier, more thrill-seeking neighbour Salou. You’ll find theme parks to entertain the children and kids-at-heart, and of course the beaches that Costa Dorada is famous for. Tranquil bays and secret coves give Cap Salou’s coast a rugged feel, while the forests and impressive clifftops provide a soothing scenic backdrop.

La Pineda

La Pineda offers Blue Flag beaches and the prime opportunity for day trips to Barcelona, one of Spain’s most visited cities. People from across the country flock to La Pineda every year, to relish its thrilling theme parks, waterparks, and watersports. Compared with Salou, La Pineda remains a fairly quiet resort, so it offers the perfect holiday for visitors seeking traditional Spanish charms, a chilled-out atmosphere, and convenient access to other popular Spanish resorts.


Cambrils is a small fishing town that is almost certainly the best choice for visitors seeking relaxation. It’s a charming and romantic port, offering an authentic Spanish experience complete with Michelin-star restaurants and sophisticated alternatives to the more vibrant appeal of its neighbours. You’ll find 9 Blue Flag beaches in Cambrils, as well as inviting opportunities for breathtaking scuba dives and windsurfing.

Must visit – While many will spend most of their time relaxing on the beach, there are also theme parks such as Portaventura Park, Caribe Aquatic Park, and Ferrari Land Park for visitors seeking variety and excitement. Across these attractions you’ll find lightning-fast rollercoasters, family fun experiences, water-soaked fun slides and thrilling rides, all guaranteed to brighten your day. If theme parks aren’t your thing, there are also opportunities for windsurfing, surfing, water skiing, scuba diving, canoeing and jet skiing during a Costa Dorada holiday.

Family fun – Costa Dorada is a haven for families who love the beach and the great outdoors, but the many festivals and fiestas are also perfect for entertaining the little ones. In Tarragona there’s Tarracoviva, which features workshops, gladiator fights, and theatre shows; in La Pineda, the Festa Major of Sant Jaume has live music and spectacular dancing; and in Salou, the Nits Daurades offers traditional folklore and concerts to enjoy. Don’t miss the fantastic waterparks throughout Costa Dorada either!

Natural attractions – The most popular natural attraction in Costa Dorada is without a doubt the fabulous coastline, where you’ll find visitors enjoying the Blue Flag beaches and the 300-days-a-year sunshine. However, the mountainous and lush green countryside is just as ripe for exploration, as well as the range of beautiful birds you can spot throughout the Ebre Delta, an exciting wetland reserve. The forest of Poblet is a natural area of national interest, not to mention being home to the Poblet Monastery, so you have plenty of options for sightseeing.

Food and drink – Costa Dorada’s excellent beach cafes and restaurants offer visitors the chance to taste the local specialities, such as the suquet soup-stew, and omelettes with chanquetes (tiny fish). There are of course more typical restaurants available, but whatever you choose you’ll probably find that it tastes better when washed down with a glass of Spanish wine. You should, of course, try both the tapas, which comes in countless varieties, and the seafood, which will often have been caught and prepared that very day.

Night life – Once evening falls, Costa Dorada offers an excellent array of bars, pubs, discos and clubs. These help to create a lively nightlife, and the Koko Beach Club, Danny Boy, and Christy’s Irish Bar are all popular choices. For a more serene evening out, Tarragona offers live music, salsa, and lounge bars, while the relaxing atmosphere of La Pineda offers a more low key experience than its rowdier neighbour Salou.


Holidays in Costa Dorada:


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