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Holidays to Gran Canaria

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Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria offers pristine white-gold beaches, awe-inspiring mountains, a bright but pleasantly mild climate, delicious food, and an endless array of activities.

Lush forests and lofty mountains provide the glorious scenery, while Gran Canaria’s historic capital Las Palmas is filled with entertainment, refreshments, and shops to enjoy. The inviting island atmosphere of the purpose-built holiday resorts contrasts with the rugged terrain and lush green of the countryside.

By evening, you’ll find bars and restaurants to relax you, or clubs and discos for those hungry to taste Gran Canaria’s nightlife. While there are plenty of family-friendly places to enjoy, there is also a raucous and fun side to the island, showcasing DJs and music clubs that really pick up after midnight.

Great for…

Parents – With its wonderful weather and countless kid-friendly attractions, there is so much for the children to enjoy that they won’t want to leave.

Watersports fans – There is almost every type of watersport to be found in Lanzarote, but the biggest attraction is perhaps the scuba diving opportunities.

Scenery fans – There are few other places on Earth with a landscape like Lanzarote.

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Average high temperature:

21°C (January) - 28°C (August)

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Playa del Ingles

Playa del Ingles is a top choice for families and party-goers alike, with its bubbly atmosphere, gorgeous sands, and wide range of attractions to lap up. There are hundreds of restaurants and bars to sample, serving up every kind of culinary treat and ranging from family-friendly joints to places better suited to adults. Club Pacha is a world-famous nightclub with 4 bars and dance music that plays until dawn.


The Maspalomas coastline is famed across the whole of Europe, with its postcard-perfect beaches and vibrant blue waters. Whether you’re resting on the beach, devouring the tasty local tapas or spiced and sweet meat dishes, browsing the boutiques, or preparing for a stylish night out, Maspalomas is a stunning resort. Enjoy a sophisticated Canary Islands holiday.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a family-oriented Gran Canaria resort, where contemporary hotels are carved into volcanic rock, and the bars and restaurants are perfect for relaxation and sampling some of the best food the island has to offer. Some of Gran Canaria’s best attractions and waterparks are close by, ready to enjoy whenever you want a rest from the beach and the watersports, paddling, and sunbathing – if you ever do!

Las Palmas

The capital of Gran Canaria is known for its excellent shopping and chilled nights spent in tapas and seafood restaurants, cocktail bars, and nightclubs that stay open until morning. The beaches in Las Palmas are some of Gran Canaria’s quietest, but the waters are perfect for paddling, snorkelling, and windsurfing. You’ll also find ways to enjoy the true Gran Canarian culture here, with the resort’s typical architecture and museums to enjoy when you aren’t relaxing on the sand.

Puerto Mogan

The fishing village of Puerto Mogan has a serene atmosphere with a gorgeous harbour surrounded by craggy cliffs, and offers visitors a secluded beach and a picturesque, “old world” feel. Puerto Mogan has earned the nickname of “Venice of the Canaries” due to the attractive canals winding through the town, so get ready to enjoy the sights, the al fresco dining, and a laid-back holiday.

Must visit – Many visitors come to Gran Canaria for the beautiful beaches and constant sun, but it’s a holiday destination that offers much more than just fine weather and an impressive coastline. If you visit just one out of the many theme parks, make it Holiday World Maspalomas if you have children with you, or Hangar 37 if the idea of airsoft shooting is more appealing. The Playa del Ingles is a must if you are looking for great nightlife, and you’ll also find tempting Canarian places to eat there, too.

Family fun – There are sandy beaches all over Gran Canaria, which are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. If you are particularly partial to building sand castles, you may want to visit Las Canteras, where artists often come to build spectacular sandy works of art.

You’ll find waterparks, watersports, and theme parks galore for your family’s sun-drenched holiday thrills. Holiday World Maspalomas and the Angry Birds Activity Park offer rides and activities, Sioux City Park is a Wild West extravaganza, Hangar 37 is a thrilling airsoft battlefield for older family members, and Aqualand is for visitors who want to get wet and wild.

Natural attractions – Gran Canaria’s Dunas de Maspalomas are like a chunk of the Sahara Desert resting right beside the sea. Then there’s the Parque Natural de Pilancones which is home to swathes of pine trees, and the Parque Natural de Tamadaba which offers jaw-dropping views of Tenerife as well as a number of tropical fruit plantations. Gran Canaria also has a number of spectacular lookout points, from the bone-dry landscape you can see from Degollada de las Yeguas, the sky-high views from Pico de las Nieves, and the scenic sights you can enjoy from the La Cilla restaurant inside a cliff cave in the town of Artenara.

Culture and history – Gran Canaria is a vibrant island that loves to celebrate festivals, and has a cultural diversity that comes from local traditions having met the countless ships that have pulled into its ports over the centuries. Tourism is the island’s economic mainstay and has been since the 1960s, meaning that visitors are treated well and have a huge range of things to do and shopping opportunities to choose from. If you want to know more about this stunning island’s history and culture, visit the Canarian Museum, the Casa de Colon, or one of the many other educational museums found across Gran Canaria.

Food and drink – Gran Canaria’s choice of seafood is a joyful smorgasbord of flavours, with dishes like the vieja sancochada (sea bream casserole) and caldo de pascado (fish soup) being popular dishes, and sauces like mojo verde and mojo rojo flavouring freshly-caught foods like cherne and chipirones (small squid). Tapas is popular throughout Gran Canaria, and after your main you can try the most typical dessert, bienmesabe, which is a rich almond cream often served on cake. Gran Canaria is also great for wine, which is ideal for accompanying your meals.

Night life – As one of the most popular Canarian resorts alongside Tenerife, Gran Canaria’s bars, discos, and nightclubs are famously fun. If you want to experience the full-blown thrills of a night out in Gran Canaria (and don’t have children with you to worry about), you may want to wait until late before you venture out. Lots of clubs don’t start to get going until after midnight, so why not take a siesta and have a late dinner before venturing out to drink and dance?

Holidays in Gran Canaria

Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Puerto Rico, Las Palmas, Puerto Mogan

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Turkey, Benidorm, Canaries, Lanzarote, Mexico, Florida, Tenerife, Orlando, Ibiza, New York,

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