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Madeira Holidays

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Holidays to Madeira

Madeira is located in the North Atlantic ocean and belongs to Portugal. Holidays in Madeira are suitable for those who prefer less sandy beaches and more rocky cliffs and pebbles. Our all-inclusive holidays to Madeira provide a complete package for those who want the full experience of Madeira. With magnificent scenery, sub-tropical plants and palatial hotels, it’s clear to see why it’s known as the Floating Garden of Madeira.

Madeira Holiday Deals

You'll find a great selection of our latest holiday deals to Madeira. If none of these take your fancy, you can use the simple search at the top of this page to find your perfect Madeira holiday or if you'd prefer us to do the hard work for you, just give our expert travel team a call and they'll be happy to help you plan your perfect Madeira trip. Book with us and you'll be safe in the knowledge that your holiday is booked with a name you can trust and that your money is totally secure.

Madeira – Holiday Destination Information

Key Information: Madeira is an archipelago of Portugal off the coast of Africa and it is comprised of 4 islands. Madeira is known for its fine wines, warm weather and large range of popular holiday activities.

Ideal Time to Go: Madeira is an all year round resort due to its warm weather and constant flow of fun holiday activities. If you wish to steer clear of wet weathers then you should avoid winter and spring months as these are the rainiest times of year in Madeira, although you can still get decent weather during these times of year. We recommend going around May/June as this time of year offers good holiday weather, little to no rainfall and plenty of fun holiday activities at cheap prices.

Weather: The average annual temperature in Madeira is 19°C. Madeira’s warmest months are August & September with average temperatures of 23°C. The coolest months in Madeira are January & February with average temperatures of 16°C. Madeira’s wettest month is January with an average rainfall of 108mm over 13 days; other months are much drier than this however. The driest months in Madeira are June-August with an average of 6mm of rain over roughly 4 days.

Flight Time: Flights from London to Madeira take less than 4 hours.

Time Difference: Madeira shares the same time as the UK.

Currency: Euro (€)

Fun Fact: William Shakespeare referred to Madeira wine as “Precious Essence” in his play entitled ‘Henry IV’.

Top Tip: Print off a small map before your holiday – there aren’t many signs to lead you around Madeira so you’ll either have to ask locals for directions or have a map either printed out or on your phone.

Places to Go on Your Madeira Holiday

Madeira has many wonderful places available for you to visit during your holiday no matter what type of day out you’re after, here are our top picks:

  • Santa Cruz – This is a great all round destination for your Madeira holiday, whether you want to take the family out to a water park, go surfing or even just go for a long walk and take in some of the sunshine and culture, Santa Cruz is ideal.

  • Calheta – This is ideal for a relaxed day out. Come here to visit museums, go hiking, relax on the beach, go fishing and even for a spot of whale watching!

  • Funchal – This is for the shopping holiday-goer; Funchal has a wide array of shops that sell a large range of items at cheap prices, ideal for finding unique souvenirs of your Madeira holiday.

Holiday Activities in Madeira

Holidays to Madeira are becoming increasingly popular with families and younger travellers. Holidaymakers often book Madeira holidays at popular resorts like Sao Vicente and Calheta. These are the few places on the island with sandy beaches. There’s also a sandy beach at Ribeira Brava, although like Tenerife, the beach consists of black volcanic sand. Madeira is part of a volcanic collection of islands, which also includes Porto Santo.  Rather than expansive swathes of sand, you’ll find little rocky coves and pebbly bays, perfect for sunbathing. Cheap Madeira holidays also offer plenty of water sports including diving, sailing, windsurfing and deep sea fishing.

The spectacular volcanic landscape has made Madeira a popular choice for walkers and cyclists, who follow the network of paths, formed by the irrigation channels criss-crossing the island. The landscape is a blanket of flowers for most of the year, with bougainvillea, poinsettias, fuchsia, lilac and jacaranda transforming the farms and villages into a wonderland of scents and colours.

All inclusive holidays to Madeira offer some of the finest hotels in Europe. Ranging from majestic palaces to modern, purpose-built spa resorts, there are destinations suitable for everyone. Self-catering villas and apart-hotels are another option to save money when booking a holiday in Madeira. You can also experience the island’s superb cuisine, which is a factor worth considering. We recommend that you look at all inclusive holidays to Madeira’s capital of Funchal. This old town is a charming mix of black basalt churches, colonial architecture and taverns selling local dishes. However, down at the modern marina, you’ll discover pavement cafes and cosmopolitan restaurants selling superb seafood. Afterwards, you can shop for Madeira cake and wine to take home.

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