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Holidays to Valletta

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Holidays to Valletta

The heavily fortified Maltese capital city of Valletta packs a lot into a little space – at about a mile and a quarter across, it's one of the world's smallest capitals, yet it encapsulates the entire history of the fascinating Mediterranean island of Malta.

The entire city has been designated a World Heritage Site, on the strength of the wealth of relics of Malta's past which are crammed into its compact area. A highlight is the National Museum of Archaeology, which houses what is claimed to be the most beautiful collection of Neolithic artefacts in the world.

Other must-visit places on a package holiday to Valletta are the national library, which was the last building constructed by the island's ruling knights before they ceded it to Napoleon, and, right next door, the Grand Master's Palace, which has been the seat of government on the island since 1571. Visitors who come to see the island's rich history should also not miss Fort St Elmo, which played a vital role in the island's two biggest conflicts, the Great Siege of 1565 by the Ottomans, and the Second World War. Indeed, the George Cross which was awarded to the island's entire population for their part in resisting the Germans is on display in the National War Museum, which is on the same site.

If you choose to take a Valletta all-inclusive holiday or are lucky to find a last-minute holiday in Valletta, you're sure to be drawn to the picturesque waterfront, whose most prominent landmark, the Pinto Stores, houses many shops, bars and restaurants, which all offer a wonderful view of Fort St Angelo which lies in the middle of the Grand Harbour.

Even if you've never been on a holiday to Valletta before, you can trust our friendly, expert staff to give you all the help you'll need to plan your ideal break. They'll use the benefit of their many years' experience of arranging holidays in Valletta to make sure that yours is a stay you'll long remember.



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