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Holidays to Sliema

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Holidays to Sliema 2020

One of Malta's larger towns, Sliema makes an ideal destination for anyone who yearns to be at the heart of the action wherever they travel.

Yet even though there is plenty of activity always going on, you're never more than a couple of minutes' walk from the shimmering blue sea.

Sliema was one of the first haunts of Malta's upper classes when the island began to accumulate its wealth in the early 19th century. However, many of the villas which were once the mainstay of the local housing stock have since made way for high-rise apartment blocks and hotels.

It's an easy place to explore, however, as most of the restaurants, shops, cafes and hotels are sited along the coast road. The stretch of this thoroughfare known as Tower Road is one of the most trendy on the island, its long, wide promenade clinging to a strip of rocky coast and giving stunning views of the Mediterranean.

With a name derived from the words 'peace' and ' comfort', that sums up perfectly the ethos which Sliema tries to adhere to for its visitors. It's an easy place to get around, with its Independence Garden being sited very close to the town's main sandy beach – a much more modest affair than those found in resorts such as Qawra and Bugibba.

There is a big choice of package holidays to Sliema, and the town's modern hotels also specialise in Sliema all-inclusive holidays which offer excellent value. Choose to travel on a Sliema holiday with Coop Travel – you'll get the benefit of all our many years' experience of arranging holidays to this Maltese marvel, together with attentive service, and prices which will give you the same warm feeling as Malta's beautiful climate.



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