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Holidays to Kefalonia

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Holidays to Kefalonia 2020

Scenic, tranquil and oh, so beautiful, a holiday to Kefalonia will place you in an island that was designed for the Gods. Dazzling white beaches, hideaway coves, whitewashed villages and the most amazing sunsets - these are just some of the things a Kefalonia holiday offers. At Co-operative Travel we have bargain holidays to Kefalonia that are a total treat for the soul.

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin may no longer be on the best seller list, but late deals to Kefalonia certainly are. A lush, verdant island of sparkling beaches, scenic mountains and fragrant meadows and pine forests, a Kefalonia holiday offers everything you could need in the way of natural beauty and relaxation. Cheap last minute Kefalonia holidays probably won’t appeal to party animals, though there’s a lively selection of bars and restaurants in the 18th century cosmopolitan capital of Argostili, which is also where you’ll find the best shops, plus some has lively street markets.

The liveliest resort on the island, cheap Greece holidays in Skala offer a long, pine-fringed beach, gently shelving down to tranquil waters, and a range of watersports. Numerous picturesque coves offer places to picnic and paddle, while the lively, picturesque harbour area is home to a melee of tavernas, bars, discos and restaurants. The poignant remains of the old town, destroyed by an earthquake in 1953, are worth a wander.

The pretty village of Fiskardo largely escaped the devastation and is one of the most popular family resorts in Kefalonia. Greece package holidays can be booked in a range of small hotels, self-catering apartments and villas. The winding village streets are lined with craft shops, bakeries and pavement cafes, while the views down to the tree-fringed bay and Venetian harbour are to die for.

Close to Argostoli and the airport, Lassi was the first resort in Kefalonia to open for tourism, and retains an old-fashioned appeal. Broad sweeping sands offer safe swimming and a range of watersports. At Co-operative Travel we have bargain holidays to Kefalonia’s most captivating resorts, from sleepy little Lourdas to ancient, culture-rich Sami.

Booking Ahead - Kefalonia Holidays 2020

If you’re looking to save money, then why not book ahead? - Great holiday deals and packages are now available for Kefalonia holidays in 2020.

Booking ahead for your 2020 holiday to Kefalonia has many advantages. Especially for families who are looking to save money. Parents can book holidays in advance so they can reserve the time off forthcoming school half term and summer holidays.

Book an all-inclusive Kefalonia holiday for next year and save money now.

Book Kefalonia Holidays for 2020

You'll find a great selection of our latest holiday deals to Kefalonia below. If none of these take your fancy, you can use the simple search at the top of this page to find your perfect Kefalonia holiday or if you'd prefer us to do the hard work for you, just give our expert travel team a call and they'll be happy to help you plan your perfect Kefalonia trip. Book with us and you'll be safe in the knowledge that your holiday is booked with a name you can trust and that your money is totally secure.

Kefalonia - Holiday Destination Information

Key Information: Kefalonia is one of the biggest islands in the Ionian chain which sits on the west coast of Greece. With a beautiful forest and mountain terrain, holidays in Kefalonia offer breath-taking scenery and long stretches of golden beaches. As Kefalonia is a very popular holiday destination, it has a variety of tourist facilities and activities to suit all types of holiday makers. Perfect for kids and adults.

Ideal Time to Go: Kefalonia is known for its Mediterranean climate and dry summers. To get the most out of the beautiful weather, you should book a holiday in Kefalonia during the Easter season. May, June and September are generally the best months to book cheap holidays to Kefalonia as the prices are cheaper and there aren’t as many holiday makers. If you’re looking to indulge in fun water sports, then you should book a holiday to Kefalonia around June. Most of the water sport resorts tend to open in early June.

Weather: Kefalonia’s Ionian climate is considered to be perfect for all year round holidays. Its Mediterranean climate provides warmth throughout the year with some months being hotter than others.  The annual average temperature for Kefalonia is around 20°C which provides consistently warm temperatures.

Flight Time: Flights from the UK to Kefalonia will take around 3.5 hours.

Time Difference: Kefalonia is 2 hours ahead of UK time.

Currency: Euro (€)

Fun Fact:  Kefalonia is mostly famous for its golden beaches, but it is also famous for the Hollywood movie, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

Top Tip: If you love exploring, then you should consider hiring a car as public transport is infrequent. A few of the beautiful beaches and attractions are remote, so a car hire would be able to get you around.

How to Get There

Flights to Kefalonia are available at airports across the UK, such as London, Birmingham and Manchester. We recommend booking direct flights to Kefalonia as it can be cheaper and faster than connecting flights.

Places to Visit on Your Kefalonia Holiday

Kefalonia is home to some of most breath-taking scenery and landscapes. There are a variety of beautiful beaches, caves and mountains just waiting to be explored.

  • Melissani Lake – The Melissani Lake is spectacular underground lake which was discovered in 1951. Here, you can go on Gondola rides to fully experience natural wonders of Kefalonia. If you love sight-seeing, then you cannot pass up this experience.

  • Fiskardo – Fiskardo is a picturesque village with a beautiful harbour in the North of Kefalonia. The night life of Fiskardo offers an unmatched ambience with its beautiful lights, old architecture and vibrant restaurants.

  • Myrtos Beach – The Myrtos Beach is one of the most popular attractions in Kefalonia and has been consistently voted as one of the best beaches in Greece. this crescent-shaped beach is surrounded by natural beauty, such as lush green plants, blue waters and beautiful white cliffs.



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