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Holidays to Corfu

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Corfu is one of Greece’s most popular and enchanting islands, and its Cypress trees and olive groves have given it the nickname of The Emerald Isle due to its lush green colouring. Its easy access from the UK has made it popular with Brits seeking attractive and sun-soaked holidays, clubbers excited enjoy the pulsing nightlife in Kavos, or visitors seeking beauty and peace in one of the island’s quieter resorts. The island has golden beaches that offer access to Corfu’s picturesque coves, and boat trips that allow you to navigate the transparent waters while absorbing the dreamy coastline. Others are drawn by Corfu’s history, which began in the 8th Century BC and appears in countless Greek myths.

13°C (January) - 31°C (August)

Great for…

Nature lovers – The pristine coast and jade-green mountains make Corfu perfect for visitors seeking natural beauty.

Party goers – Corfu’s reputation as a clubber’s paradise is well-deserved, with the Kavos resort serving as the island’s party capital.

Sun worshippers – The temperature and summer weather are what holiday dreams are made of.

Flight time:

3 hours

Average high temperature:

13°C (January) - 31°C (August)

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Once a fishing village, Sidari is one of Corfu’s livelier resorts and found at the north-east of the island. The Blue Flag beaches and the secluded coastal walks are calm contrasts with the fun-packed nights you can enjoy in Sidari’s karaoke bars and late-night pubs. While you will find a fun nightlife in Sidari, you will also have the option for a gentle holiday packed with Greek charm.


If you are looking for a Greek holiday packed with dancing and nightclub action, Kavos is certainly the resort to choose. Kavos popped up during the 1980s and has since been known as Corfu’s club capital, offering the chance to party morning, noon, and night. Whenever you want to slow things down, you’ll find a 5-mile-long sandy retreat where you can either relax and catch some rays or get involved with the thrill-a-minute watersports.

Corfu Town

The UNESCO-listed old town is the resort to stay in – or at least visit – if you are looking for culture, history, and exclusive boutique shopping. You’ll also enjoy the calm ocean of Mon Repos Beach, plus the bars open late and restaurants selling Greek cuisine, but the real joys of the Old Town lie in the 8th-Century fortresses, the green royal palace gardens, and St Spiridon’s Church.


Roda is a quieter Corfu resort: a traditional and welcoming fishing village providing incredible views of the ocean and astounding scenery. You’ll find an exceptional Blue Flag beach here that is ideal for paddling in whatever your age, as well as a range of watersports and beach games. Roda is surrounded by countryside where visitors will often hike and ride horses, or if you prefer to keep things cosy, the village is home to some delightful and authentic tavernas.


On the north coast of the island, Kassiopi village is a fun-filled resort with a unique historical past dating back to Roman times. It’s got both a peaceful traditional harbour and an upbeat set of bars and nightclubs that are open until the early hours of the morning, meaning that Kassiopi is a great choice for culture vultures who love to party.

Must visit – To get a taste of everything that Corfu has to offer, you will want to visit the main and most popular areas of the island. Go to Kassiopi for the tradition, Kavos for the upbeat partying, Sidari for the exciting hubbub and the perfect beaches, and Corfu town for a glimpse of Corfu’s ancient history. You can also take one of the cultural tours that are available to see some of Corfu’s many highlights, or even taking a boat trip in style, either with other travellers or if you are feeling decadent, a private sailyacht cruise.

Family fun – The glorious island of Corfu is fun for any family that wants a relaxing holiday in the Mediterranean. While the beach is one of the island’s most family-friendly places, children will also love Corfu’s Donkey Rescue, where they can groom these endearing animals and learn all about them. If the kids are looking to make a real splash, Aqualand is a waterpark where they can find almost every kind of water attraction imaginable. Exploring some of the island’s most beautiful areas will appeal to the more adventurous children, while Corfu Old Town provides a glimpse into the island’s colourful past.

Natural attractions – Corfu is an island that has rightly earned its reputation as a natural beauty spot. You’ll fall in love with Corfu’s sandstone rock formations, green mountains, wonderful coastline, and mysterious caves. Cape Drastis is to the north of Corfu and welcomes visitors to marvel at its sculpted white cliffs, while the sandstone beauty of the Canal d’Amour is a sight so romantic that it is rumoured that courting couples who swim there will marry soon. There is beauty everywhere you turn in Corfu.

Night life – You’ll find evening entertainment at both ends of the spectrum: from quiet, chilled-out evenings sampling Greek Meze and sipping wine, to wild nights dancing in the clubbing capital of Kavos, Corfu has your nights out covered. The choices are almost endless, with events for those on a budget as well as fashionable and upmarket venues, plus tavernas offering “Greek nights” which come with food, drink, and a performance included under one price. You can even indulge in some fabled plate smashing, if it sounds like fun!

Food and drink – Corfu offers traditional Greek cuisine across the island, with plenty of fresh vegetables slathered in olive oil, spit-roasted meats, seafood caught that day, and wholesome bread – not to mention the country’s love of wine. Corfu also offers two local specialities: pastitsáda, which is traditionally veal served in a tomato sauce, and sofrito, a veal casserole in a white sauce flavoured with onion, pepper, garlic, and wine vinegar. If you want to try an authentic Greek drink, the wine retsina is an acquired taste that complements oily Greek food.

Holidays in Corfu:


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