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Lapland holidays are a great winter treat, taking you to a magical, mysterious land where the midnight sun shines through the summer and the winter days are long and dark.

Where else can you ride on reindeer-pulled sleighs, play with husky dogs, toboggan, walk on a frozen ocean, float on an iceberg, meet Santa, marvel at the northern lights and wake up in an igloo? This can only be a holiday in Lapland – the magical experience for children and adults alike.

You’ll find Lapland tucked into the northernmost corner of Finland deep inside the Arctic Circle, a spectacular place that embodies the spirit of Christmas. Lapland offers a multitude of experiences that will tick off bucket list adventures for even the most intrepid explorer.

From listening to Sami folk tales and seeking out the northern lights to snowmobiling frozen rivers and driving through Arctic forests – there is a world of adventure to explore on your trip to Lapland.

 Avg. Flight time: 3.5 hours
 Avg. Temperature: -5°C (January) – 19°C (August)
 Local Currency: € Euro
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The capital city of Finnish Lapland is in the heart of the country, where modern shopping malls and a cool nightlife are just minutes away from the Arctic wilderness. Santa Claus Village is a quick 10-minute ride to the north of Rovaniemi, where visitors love to send cards and letters from the post office for that special festive stamp. Reindeer sleigh safaris are a stunning part of the Rovaniemi experience, too!



A holiday to Saariselka is a holiday to a festive winter funland, where Santa Claus lives in a cosy home tucked away in the woods, and the Urho Kekkonen national park offers you an expanse of Arctic beauty like no other. The village of Saariselka is over 150 miles above the Arctic Circle, meaning that it is one of the best places in the world from which to see the Northern Lights.



Levi is another remote but exciting holiday spot in Lapland, and a place to consider if your heart is set on skiing or snowboarding during your Christmassy visit. There are runs that are perfect for any level of experience, and Levi has two full snow parks. There is also, of course, the chance to meet Santa Claus, as well as unique experiences such as Finnish-style fishing through a hole in the ice, snowmobile rides across frozen lakes, plus reindeer and husky experiences.



At the picturesque centre of Pallas-Yllas National Park, the charming village of Yllas is perfect for a ski and snowboard holiday and a Santa break experience. There are almost 200 miles of downhill ski trails to be relished in Yllas, which are ideal for beginners and intermediates, or if you would prefer you can take an unforgettable sledge ride behind a snowmobile or pulled by a pack of graceful huskies.



You’ll discover the snow-glazed sights of Ruka at Lapland’s southern border, where the skiing continues through the night across 29 separate runs. At the bottom of the slopes, you’ll have the choice of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. As you would expect in Lapland, your family can meet and greet with Santa Claus during your stay, as well as snowmobile rides, dog sledding, and trip in a reindeer-pulled sleigh.



Pallas is one of the most naturally beautiful areas in Lapland – and that truly is saying something! The area sits inside an awe-inspiring national park in Lapland’s fell region, where the air is known to be purer than any other national park in the world. With just one hotel in Pallas, you’ll feel cosy and warm next to the fire in the centre of a frozen wilderness. You’ll never feel lonely though, as you can meet reindeer, huskies, and even Santa during your magical Arctic visit.


Must visit

From listening to Sami folk tales and seeking out the Northern lights to snowmobiling along frozen rivers and racing through Arctic forests – there is a world of adventure to explore during your trip to Lapland. If you’re an animal lover, you’re sure to enjoy all of the husky encounters. As a traditional but still essential form of transport in Lapland, huskies are an important part of life in the snow. And of course, if the kids are with you, you’ll all want to visit Santa Claus!

Family fun

Rovaniemi’s Santa Claus Village makes Christmas come to life and features the big man himself, plus Mrs Clausand an army of elves to deliver all of the presents on Christmas day. Each of Lapland’s resorts has something wonderful to offer, particularly if your family is keen to experience skiing or snowboarding in a snow-coated paradise. Lapland holidays are perfect for families, making childhood dreams come true and introducing the little ones to how exciting and magical a trip away can be.

Natural attractions

Natural attractions

Lapland is a spectacular destination to visit if you are hungry for a holiday filled with natural beauty, where the Arctic pines stand tall before a sky filled with the majestic northern lights. You can take exhilarating excursions through the snow-swept countryside, racing past frozen lakes pulled by a snowmobile or sled tugged along by a pack of huskies or a reindeer. Safaris to see the natural wonders of the aurora borealis are exciting escapades that take you into the icy wilderness either by snowmobile or snowshoe.


Culture and history

Lapland’s history and culture stretch back around 7 millennia, when the Scandinavian ice caps began to melt. While many Lapland holidays are far more focused on the natural or the festive experiences, if you are curious to learn more about the culture there are museums that trace back the country’s Sami roots such as the Sami Museum and Nature Centre in Inari, and its relationship with Santa Claus at the Christmas House of Santa in Rovaniemi.

Lapland Food and drink

Food and drink

A central hub for excursions, Rovaniemi, according to locals, is the home of Santa Claus, and while deep in Lapland and covered in snow a holiday here conveniently places you five minutes away from supermarkets and restaurants. It’s an ideal place to try Lappish Blini and many other fresh and seasonal Finnish delights – we recommend the joulutorttu, a star-shaped pastry filled with prune/damson plum jam, often eaten at Christmas time. Then you can warm up in a traditional Lappish wooden hut, where your cheeks will be as rosy as Santa’s, where you’ll drink berry juice and enjoying the tradition of cooking sausages over a roaring fire.

Lapland Night Life

Night life

Lapland isn’t a place to visit if you are looking for wild parties and nightclubs – the emphasis is more on cosy evenings in with hot chocolate, frostbitten night walks through the powdery snow, and taking advantage of the hotel facilities. If you’re visiting with children, you’ll meet Santa in the evening before winding down with cookies and some quality family time. Most hotels will have swimming pools to warm up in after a cold day out in the snow, plus discos and kids’ clubs for the youngsters to enjoy.

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