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Holidays to Lapland

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Where else can you ride on reindeer-pulled sleighs, play with husky dogs, toboggan, walk on a frozen ocean, float on an iceberg, meet Santa, marvel at the northern lights and wake up in an igloo? This can only be a holiday in Lapland – the magical experience for children and adults alike.

You’ll find Lapland tucked into the northernmost corner of Finland deep inside the Arctic Circle, a spectacular place that embodies the spirit of Christmas. Lapland offers a multitude of experiences that will tick off bucket list adventures for even the most intrepid explorer.

From listening to Sami folk tales and seeking out the northern lights to snowmobiling frozen rivers and driving through Arctic forests – there is a world of adventure to explore on your trip to Lapland.

Great for…

Kids – They’ll meet Santa, go tobogganing, and adore the sleigh rides through the snowy wilderness.

Christmas treats – Come to the land of eternal Christmas, where it feels like a festive holiday every day of the year.

Animal lovers – Reindeers and huskies are an essential part of a Lapland experience.

Flight time:

3.5 hours

Average temperature:

-9°C (January) – 15°C (August)

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