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Holidays to Morocco

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Holidays to Morocco

At Co-operative Travel, we have a huge range of cheap holidays to Morocco, as well as a full selection of 4* and 5* luxury breaks. Morocco holidays have become increasingly popular with British holidaymakers over the years. Located in North Africa, you’ll steadily experience the Moroccan culture as European style café’s among Moroccan restaurants ease you into your exotic getaway. We at Co-op Travel are here to find you the perfect escape. We offer great deals to Morocco all year round - whether you’re after a weekend away or 2 weeks in the sun!

From the Sahara Desert and the Atlas mountains to the beach, Morocco has something for everybody. With at least 7 hours of sunshine every day – even in the winter – Morocco is a great year round destination. Whether you’re travelling as a family, a couple or with friends, you won’t be disappointed by what this great country has to offer. If you're planning to visit Morocco, why not check out some of the great locations used in shooting the Bond Movie 'SPECTRE' - follow in Bond's footsteps from the stunning Mediterranean city of Tangier down through the historic city of Oujda on to the Saharan Oasis town of Erfoud, which you might also recognise from other films such as The Mummy and Prince of Persia.

Morocco has a great range of activities for you to enjoy throughout your stay including visits to various museums and galleries, desert hiking or exploring the country’s markets – keep an eye out for the snake charmers and acrobatic performers! Casablanca is also a very popular cruise port for many of the major operators.

Marrakech and Agadir are both very popular cities for short city breaks. As Morocco sits so close to Europe, it allows for quicker flight times – you can reach Morocco in less than 4 hours, allowing you to start your holiday as quickly as possible and reduce the effects of jeg-lag each way!

Booking Ahead - Morocco Holidays

If you’re looking to save money, then why not book ahead? Great holiday deals and packages are now available for Morocco holidays

Booking ahead for your holiday to Morocco will save you money, give you more time to plan, get time off work, and, of course, you will also have a holiday in the sun to look forward to. Book a Moroccan package holiday and save money now.

Co-operative Travel offer holidays in Morocco to suit all budgets and tastes. There are endless historical and modern delights to be seen.

Morocco - Holiday Destination Information

Key Information: Located in North Africa, Morocco attracts over 10 million visitors per year and is a favourite holiday destination for many holiday makers. Holidays to Morocco can offer something for everyone as each of the major cities has their own unique appeal.

Ideal Time to Go: Morocco has a subtropical climate which means that the summers can be hot and humid whilst the winters can be cold and mild. To get cheap holidays to Morocco, we recommend visiting between March to May. These months are outside the peak season which means that there will be cheaper hotel rates, fewer tourists and the weather will also be getting warmer.

If you’re looking to get the most out of the Moroccan sun, then you should book a holiday to Morocco around July and August. These months are the hottest and offer a lot more activities to keep you busy during your holiday to Morocco.

Weather: The subtropical climate of Morocco means you can experience hot and humid summers with winters that are cold and mild. There is a narrow range in average temperatures which makes Morocco an ideal all year round holiday destination. The hottest months are July and August with average temperatures rising to 29°C, whereas the coldest months are January and February with average temperatures dropping to 13°C.

Flight Time: Direct flights to Morocco from the UK can take around 3.5 hours, whereas connecting flights will take longer.

Time Difference: Same time as the UK.

Currency: Moroccan Dirham (MAD or Dh)

Fun Fact: The official languages that are spoken in Morocco are Arabic and Berber.

Top Tip: During the summer time, Morocco can experience temperatures that are ‘desert-like’. If you are planning on booking a holiday to Morocco during the summer, then be prepared for hot temperatures and stay hydrated.

How to Get There

Direct flights and connecting flights to Morocco are available at airports across the UK. All major airports provide flights to Morocco such as the Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London airports.

Places to Visit on Your Morocco Holiday

Holidays to Morocco give you the opportunity to experience something different. There’s a fantastic range of attractions to visit in Morocco. Here is our list of the recommended places to visit during your holiday:

  • Marrakech – visit one of the major cities of Morocco and explore the vast range of historic attractions, beautiful structures and sample the delicious cuisine. Marrakech is also home to Djemma el Fna - the largest public square in Africa, which is the.
  • Rabat – travel to Morocco’s capital city for a pleasant and relaxed time. There are several amazing historical attractions which you can visit, such as the Royal Palace. With the Atlantic Ocean running along Rabat, this city offers some of the best views and scenery.
  • Agadir – if you’re looking for golden beaches and clear blue waters on your holiday, then look no further. Agadir is considered to be the premier holiday destination of Morocco as it has so much to offer.


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