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Holidays to Luxor

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Holidays to Luxor 2020

For many people, holidays in Egypt mean Luxor. Holidays here match those of Cairo for interest. The site of Egypt’s old capital of Thebes, Luxor is an open-air museum of ancient treasures, and the starting point of most Nile cruises. The Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Karnak and Luxor Temple are just some of the wondrous sights waiting for you. We at Coop Travel have last minute Luxor holidays that will truly thrill and inspire you.

A Luxor holiday offers a tantalising mix of ancient culture and modern cosmopolitan city. Most cheap Luxor holidays are taken at all-inclusive high rise hotels, either in the city centre, or along the banks of the Nile. Late deals in Luxor can also be taken at 3-star boutique hotels on a B & B basis, or self-catering apartments. The city has an enormous number of restaurants, as well as traditional souks selling fresh produce, and if you want to see the “real” Luxor, this is the way to do it.

Luxor package holidays are crammed with things to see and do, so you’ll need to invest in some good walking shoes. Be careful of when you book however, because Luxor can be extremely hot. Bargain holidays to Luxor are widely available in May and June, but temperatures are unbearably high, hitting the forties. Between October and March, though, cheap Luxor holidays offer a mild, dry Mediterranean-style climate; perfect for a Nile cruise or guided tour of the Valley of the Queens.

Late deals to Luxor are all about history and adventure. If you think you’ve seen enough about the Valley of the Kings, forget the National Geographic channel and see it for real. Nothing beats standing in front of the gigantic Memnon Colossi, or stepping into the tomb of Tuthankhamun, though you’ll have to visit Cairo Museum to view its treasures.

We at Coop Travel recommend you set some time aside for the city itself. A Luxor holiday offers traditional souks, perfume factories and museums dedicated to everything from alabaster to Egyptian cotton.


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