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Holiday Destinations 2021


Great Holiday Destinations - Amazing Prices

With so many destinations available, you really are spoilt for choice when planning your next holiday. We have some amazing holiday deals across the traditional Mediterranean hotspots and further afield, with so many exotic destinations now much more affordable and easy to reach. Some of our most popular destinations are featured below, but this is only a small selection of the great holiday destinations we have available for you. Search for your next holiday online now or call our expert travel team who are waiting to help you plan your perfect trip!

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Picturesque villages and stunning sunsets await you on beautiful Santorini. Visit one of the most romantic islands in the world to wind your way down secluded streets, uncover hidden tavernas and marvel at the sparkling Aegean sea from atop towering cliffs. A handful of black sand beaches lie in contrast to the tiny whitewashed houses dotted along the coastline, ideal for stealing a few hours of warm Mediterranean sunshine. Picture postcard moments and history are bought to life around every corner on this unique island, perfect for a couples hideaway.  



Little known to UK tourists until relatively recently, Montenegro is set to be one of Europe’s hottest destinations for 2020, and the small coastal town of Tivat tops our list of must see resorts! With azure waters lapping the posh promenade and super yachts moored in the glitzy marina, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve been transported to Monaco! Away from the waterfront restaurants and shops, you can still see some of Tivat’s extraordinary history. Visit the Island of Flowers to explore St Michael the Archangel’s Monastery, dating back to around the 14th century. Or ditch the crowds and head back to nature with hiking in lush green mountains.



A jewel amongst the Greek isles, beautiful Skiathos boasts a spectrum of lush green and aquamarines reminiscent of the Caribbean, with just a fraction of the flight time. The sparkling Agean is certainly the star of the show, so taking to the open water is the very best way to explore, especially for discovering hidden caves! You could even hop a boat to the neighbouring Skopelos to find yourself on the real life set of Mamma Mia! Back on Skiathos, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to recharge your batteries on over 27 miles of sun-soaked sands, before experiencing the famous Skiathos nightlife. From all-night clubs, to sophisticated lounge bars, this is certainly an island of two halves!



Croatia’s southernmost tip has boomed in popularity over the last few years, so before the more northern regions follow suit and the crowds arrive, Summer 2020 is the very best time to visit! Zadar, combining café culture and bucket loads of history within its city walls is certain to be the next big star of this Balkan region. Weave down cobbled streets and amidst terracotta topped buildings to discover Roman ruins and seek out hints of Venetian influence that remain from the time Italy ruled the region. Away from the bustle of town, be sure to explore leafy Krka National Park. Extending along the Krka River, take a dip in the shallows, chase waterfalls and discover ancient monasteries.



Us Brits often favour Greek islands over the mainland for our hard earned getaway, but Kalamata, nestled on the Peloponnese peninsular just has to be on your list. Famed not only for its super juicy olives, Kalamata really is a city of two halves… Tiny cobbled streets make way to a chic harbour, and museums housing all manner of ancient artefacts rub shoulders with great shops. If soaking up some vitamin D on golden sands tops you list of holiday must-haves, you’ll be spoilt for choice here. Voidokilia beach takes the top spot – crystal clear waters, a sweep of soft sand and the ideal spot for a picture perfect sunset.


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