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Transatlantic Cruise Holidays

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Transatlantic Cruise Holidays

For the cruise of a lifetime, consider booking one of our transatlantic cruises today. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean is something you will never forget, as this ocean is one of the largest on the planet and comes with it beautiful sights and amazing experiences. You can enjoy superb accommodation during your transatlantic crossing, so you will be able to stay in comfort and luxury and can return home at the end of your trip feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

You can book transatlantic cruises from a number of departure ports, although if you live within the UK the main port will be Southampton. These cruises most often travel all the way to New York in the USA, where you can extend your holiday by arranging for a short stay in one of The Big Apple’s hotels.

Transatlantic cruises to New York will give you more than enough time to relax and refresh yourself, while forgetting about all of the stresses left at home. You can enjoy the amazing facilities on board the cruise liner, and can rest all holiday long if you would like. There will be lots of things to do while on board the ship as well, so you shouldn’t find yourself with even a moment of boredom while enjoying a transatlantic crossing.

At Coop Travel, we can offer you a number of transatlantic cruise holidays from cruise company Cunard, and you can pick from some of our great cruise deals to ensure you get the best holiday for your budget. We have lots of cheap cruises for you to choose from, including transatlantic crossings, so you could select something a little different if you would prefer.

Even if you have left the booking of your cruise a little late in the day by accident, we have many last minute cruises that you can make use of, so see what we have to offer today


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