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Royal Caribbean’s cruise holidays 2021

Royal Caribbean’s ships offer the most exciting holidays on the ocean – where else could you surf, meet a 30-foot giraffe, skydive and have your drink served by a robot? They’re one big playground for children and grownups alike, while also retaining their luxurious, spacious accommodation and award-winning service.

The ‘wow’ factor

From innovative, spacious rooms and award-winning cuisine to West End shows and adrenaline-fuelled water sports; with a fleet of 25 state-of-the-art ships, sailing to 260 destinations – the ocean is your floating playground. In fact, Royal Caribbean is synonymous with fun, but they’re also known for their advances in onboard technology, with apps to book and interact with every part of your holiday.

A room with a view

Offering a range of generous staterooms, you’ll find Royal Caribbean’s accommodation ranges from cosy to sheer opulence. Floor-to-ceiling virtual balconies retract, making your view of the ocean infinite and your room an open space. With 24hr room attendants, you’ll receive world-class room service.

What to do

There is a vast selection of restaurants and cafes onboard, so you can pass the time at sea tasting cuisines from around the world at Jamie’s Italian, Chef’s Table and the American Icon Grill.

When it comes to entertainment, you’ll be on the right ship, but choosing what to do might be your challenge. In the words of Royal Caribbean, “No matter what makes you smile, we something perfect for you.”

Choose from the spectacular AquaTheatre, West End style shows, DreamWorks Experience, Rock Wall, FlowRider surfing, H20 Zone water park, Zipline, spa or simply enjoy a cocktail with a view.

Booking ahead for 2021

If you’re looking to save money, then why not book ahead? – Great Royal Caribbean cruise deals and packages are now available for Royal Caribbean cruises in 2021.

Key Information:  Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is an American company that operates globally to provide cruise holidays worldwide. They formed in 1997 by merging Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. They rebranded Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, which is now called Royal Caribbean International and kept both lines separate under the Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. umbrella. They have since expanded their company and now own various lines and have joint ventures with other cruise lines.

Cruises available: Royal Caribbean offers destinations all over the world, with 249 different destinations in 71 countries across five separate continents. Their most popular cruises are European cruises, providing destinations such as France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and more. As well as Caribbean cruises which provide great exotic destinations such as Aruba, Jamaica, Haiti and many more.

The ideal time to go: For transatlantic cruises, the best time to cruise with Royal Caribbean is during the peak summer months of July to August. This is when you can expect the best weather, although there may be more tourists. For those that are looking for a quieter cruise holiday, the early or late seasons tend to be calmer with fewer tourists, lower prices and cooler weather.

Currency: All onboard items are priced in USD ($) however, all Royal Caribbean cruise ships operate on a ‘cashless’ system using a SeaPass. If you choose to pay your SeaPass account with a credit or debit card which uses a currency other than USD then whichever currency you’re using will be accepted as payment.

Fun fact: Royal Caribbean’s new vessel, Symphony of the Seas (launched April 2018) is the world’s largest passenger ship ever to have existed. It weighs a staggering 230,000 tons and is able to carry up to 6,780 passengers.

Top tip: Many staterooms on have one power outlet, so if you’re going to be plugging in or charging numerous items at once you should remember to bring an extension lead with you.

Royal Caribbean cruise ships

Royal Caribbean boasts an impressive 25 cruise ships that fall into six different classes. Their sovereign class ships are well-suited for family holidays, vision class is known for its casinos themed dining areas and fun activities such as simulated surfing, swimming, rock climbing etc.

If you’re after the most stunning views possible, then radiance class is perfect with its glass walls and stunning viewing areas. Voyager class is known for its fun activities such as mini golf, climbing walls and even an ice rink. If you like to do things big, then you’ll love Freedom class, which offers loads of sideshows, a boxing ring and even cantilevered whirlpools. Finally, Oasis-class are the largest passenger ships in the world, these ships have more facilities than any other, and with Royal Caribbean’s neighbourhood concept they even boast their own parks, zip lines, a moving bar, a theatre and much more.