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Florence City Breaks

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Florence City Breaks

Widely regarded as Italy's artistic capital, the beauty of this city in the south of the country is immediately apparent when you choose it as your Italy holiday destination.

The walls of the city's many impressive buildings are steeped in history, which makes Florence city break holidays a very popular choice among a wide spectrum of holiday-goers, but especially lovers of fine art.

When you arrive for a holiday in Florence, you'll have an easy transfer to the city centre – just 10 miles from the airport, after a relaxing two-hour flight.

For those who love to shop, the open-air market in San Lorenzo mustn't be missed, and quality cashmere, leather and silk can be found at cheap prices.

The cuisine you'll encounter during your Florence city break holiday varies from cheap and cheerful to multi Michelin-starred gourmet offerings and other quality establishments which for some are worth taking a holiday in Italy to sample alone.

If a holiday in Florence sounds to your taste, take a look at the many possibilities offered on our website. And don't hesitate to contact one of our friendly advisors if you need more advice or help to find the exact Florence holiday you're looking for.

Booking Ahead - Florence Holidays

If you’re looking to save money, then why not book ahead? Great deals and packages are now available for Florence holidays.

Booking ahead for your holiday to Florence has real advantages. Whether you are booking a romantic getaway or a treat for the family, look no further. Not only can you get an amazing deal by booking in advance, but it will also take the hassle out of taking last minute time off work. The sooner you book, the sooner you can look forward to it!

Book a Florence Package Holiday for Next Year & Save Money Now

Wherever you decide to book your Florence holidays, there are plenty of packages to suit your budget. Florence has many top quality hotels - which can be booked on a bed & breakfast, full or half-board basis. However, many cheap holidays to Florence are self-catering. Look at the last minute Florence holidays Co-operative Travel have on offer for the latest deals.

Florence – Holiday Destination Information

Key Information: Florence is the capital city of Tuscany in Italy. It is known to be a highly cultured place that offers fine art, beautiful architecture and rich history. Florence is also renowned for its iconic cathedral which attracts many people year round due to its divine and unique appearance.

Ideal Time to go: Florence is a popular holiday destination all year round, however, the high season in Florence is summer, but that’s a simple way of putting it. In reality, the high season starts in May, continues through June & July, skips August and finishes at the end of September. We recommend having your Florence holiday in March as the weather is not too hot or too cold, and you can avoid the large crowds of high season and get a cheaper holiday.

Weather: The annual average temperature in Florence is 15°C. Florence’s hottest months are June-August with average temperatures of around 23°C. The coolest months in Florence are December-February with an average temperature of around 8°C. Florence has quite consistent rainfall patterns all year round with an average of 67mm of rain over 10 days each month. The driest month in Florence is July with an average of 31mm of rainfall over 5 days. The wettest month is November with an average of 102mm of rainfall over 14 days.

Flight Time: A direct flight from London to Florence takes little over 2 hours.

Time Difference: Florence is 1 hour ahead of UK time

Currency: Euro (€)

Fun Fact: The piano was invented in Florence during the 1700s.

Top Tip: Don’t drive in Florence during your holiday! – Most of the historic centre is closed off to traffic, and without special permissions, driving in that area is a crime and you will be issued with a fine if you’re caught doing so.

How to Get There

Because Florence is such a popular holiday destination, holiday flights to Florence from the UK are available all year round from many different airports all over the UK at cheap prices. We recommend you try to find a direct flight as these are often cheaper and quicker than connecting flights, however, they’re not always available - you’ll be more likely to find one during peak holiday season.

Places to Go on your Florence Holiday

Florence is a beautiful place that is filled with wonderful things to see and do during your holiday. It is one of the most cultured places you can visit; here are top picks for places to go during your Florence holiday:

  • Florence Cathedral – Of course Florence Cathedral had to be on the list - it is the most popular attraction in Florence and is famous worldwide. You don’t have to be religious to admire the divine beauty of this building either, it’s an impressive sight and a great place to visit during your Florence holiday.
  • Uffizi Gallery – This is an art gallery that contains many famous pieces of art all of different natures. It is a good way to expand your mind and have an enjoyable and educational day out during your holiday in Florence.
  • Ponte Vecchio – This is a unique bridge that crosses over the Arno River, it is known for its stunning architecture and the fact that it still has shops built along it, as many bridges used to have in past days. This bridge is such a lovely sight that Adolf Hitler ordered his men not to hurt the bridge during WW2 as even he found it too beautiful.


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