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Riviera Travel

Whether you are a food lover, a budding historian, an amateur art critic, or your passions are a little more unique, you can trust us to piece together your ideal getaway through Riviera Travel.

Indulge yourself in a fascinating worldwide river cruise, soak up an escorted tour through Europe, take a wild African safari, or even embark on a once-in-a-lifetime voyage to Antarctica! Wherever you want to see and whatever you want to do, we will arrange and personalise your trip through Riviera Travel to your unique tastes.

Our passion for great service is what drives our friendly team members, who will always go the extra mile to make your personalised holiday through Riviera Travel better than you have even dreamed of.

Reasons we love Riviera Travel
River Cruises
Escorted Tours
Solo Travel

Worldwide destinations

When you holiday with Riviera Travel, every continent is available for your visit. You can find safaris, epic rail journeys, see the world’s most spectacular mountains and lakes, and experience the most iconic cities. Riviera Travel is always adding new destinations and tours too, so the range of holidays available is always growing.

River cruises

Riviera Travel river cruise holidays are blissfully soothing experiences that give you the chance to melt your worries away from inside a luxurious cabin. Choose to sail in the most exotic destinations, take tasteful European water-journeys, relish solo traveller cruises, or even take a music-themed cruise along the mesmerising Danube.

Escorted tours

An escorted tour is the perfect way to experience a new and beautiful destination, helping you to better learn about the area’s culture and history. Riviera Travel tour guides are handpicked for their flair, experience, and welcoming personalities, and can provide you with information that only locals usually know about.

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Solo travel

A singles holiday with Riviera Travel means that you can enjoy both the peace of travelling independently but with the option of the company of fellow solo explorers – one or both, the choice is yours. Your dedicated tour manager and local guides will also be on hand as much or as little as you please, offering a wealth of knowledge, a friendly manner, and the ability to captivate you with intriguing tales and fascinating insights.

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