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Holidays to Aruba

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Indulge in the warm turquoise waters, hot sun, cool drinks, sandy beaches, and stunning vistas across the Caribbean. Explore holidays to Aruba with Co-operative Travel.

The Dutch isle of Caribbean Aruba is perfect for long beach days relishing the tropical sunshine. You can also try diving courses, snorkelling trips, windsurfing lessons, and watersports are a huge hit here for more wet ‘n’ wild fun. The 2-mile-long strip of coast known as Palm Beach is a favourite amongst jet-setters, thanks to its range of welcoming bars, delicious restaurants, and shopping malls.

Aruba isn’t just another Caribbean holiday destination, and while it has everything you could want from a tropical holiday it has much more besides.

Great for…

Families – Perfect weather, pristine beaches, and lots to do.

Romantic couples – Let the mesmerising Caribbean atmosphere of Aruba hypnotise you.

Nature lovers – Aruba has parks, beaches, and caves all teeming with wildlife and spectacular views.

Flight time:

13-15 hours direct

Average high temperature:

27°C (January) – 29°C (August)

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Palm Beach

Aruba’s high-rise hotels tower above the famous Palm Beach strip. Palm Beach is one of Aruba’s most popular resorts, where snorkelers and swimmers can enjoy the calm waters and casinos line the sand nearby, ready to entertain visitors. There are also two large shopping malls overflowing with fun things to do, plus a nightlife providing both glamour and excitement.

Eagle Beach

A holiday in Aruba wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Aruba’s widest beach – voted TripAdvisor’s 3rd Best Beach in the World in 2017. Famed for its exquisite white sands and dotted with iconic and beautiful Divi-divi trees, Eagle Beach is one of Aruba’s best-loved holiday spots. Eagle Beach is the perfect choice for those seeking all the beauty of a top Caribbean resort away from the crowds.


Oranjestad is the bustling capital of Aruba and filled with fun things to do. Shops and malls, amazing beaches, plus top places to eat – Oranjestad has everything a Caribbean holiday resort should have, as well as wonderful attractions such as the Aruba Butterfly Farm and the Donkey Sanctuary. There’s culture to be found in the museums, and the nightlife sways to the beat of Caribbean music.

Must visit – Like most Caribbean holidays, some of the best times in Aruba are often spent on the beach sipping, dipping, and relaxing your stresses away. You’ll find watersports happening throughout the day at Palm Beach, and more relaxing afternoons with fewer jet skis and wakeboarders in the water at Eagle Beach. Make sure to put some time aside to enjoy the natural wonders and lively wildlife of Arikok National Park, to learn about Aruba’s past at the Fort Zoutman Historical Museum, and to hire a snorkel before taking a swim in the crystal-clear waters at the Renaissance Aruba Resort.

Family fun – A family holiday in Aruba will often include days spent in the golden sun while lazing on the postcard-perfect beaches, but there are countless other ways to entertain mums, dads, and kids on the island. Nature attractions are easily found and enjoyed on Aruba, which give visitors face-to-face experiences with rescued animals, multi-coloured butterflies, wild donkeys, and native creatures in the Arikok National Park. Then you can entertain the whole family at the weekly Bon Bini Festival at the Historical Museum of Aruba.

Natural attractions – This paradise island in the southern Caribbean Sea is part of the Lesser Antilles and known across the world for its breath-taking visual beauty and year-round sunny weather that lights up the pristine, powdery white sands and crystal clear glittering water. Baby Beach at the southern end of Aruba is also an impossibly beautiful spot, made up of a half-moon bay and calm lagoon. The list of natural attractions you can enjoy on Aruba is enormous, but some of the highlights include Arikok National Park, Guadiriki Cave, and the Ayo Rock Formations.

Culture and history – Although it lies in the Caribbean, Aruba is actually part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands meaning that the island has a real Dutch vibe as well as a more traditionally Caribbean ambience. Aruba’s unique culture is celebrated throughout the year in the shape of annual events and festivals such as the carnival and Dia Di San Juan, or St John’s Day, celebrations. There are also various museums which are often housed in beautiful buildings such as the National Archaeological Museum Aruba and the Historical Museum Fort Zoutman.

Food and drink – Dining options are plentiful. Everything from exquisite local cuisine to sumptuous international dishes can be found in Aruba. There’s a definite American influence on the dining, where ribs and Buffalo wings are just as common as the more traditional Caribbean dishes you can enjoy. Fish such as red snapper and mahi-mahi will often be a restaurant’s “Catch of the day”, as well as seafood soups and chowders. Keshi Yena is essentially a delicious ball of cheese stuffed with spiced meat, bolo di banana is a sweet plantain pudding, and if you fancy a local cocktail, the Aruba Ariba is a delicious banana-flavoured tipple.

Night life – Aruba’s nightlife is a bubbly, varied experience offering some of the best evenings out in the Caribbean. There are casinos and cocktail bars, dance clubs and beachfront drinking holes, all to be found across Oranjestad and lining Palm Beach. Downtown has some mellower night spots in the shape of wine bars, or wilder nights featuring shows, dancing, and eclectic parties. Whether you are looking for a romantic night in a cosy music bar or an exciting night out on the tiles, Aruba has all you could want.

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