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Holidays to Egypt

Reasons to book with Co-operative Travel

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Egypt’s eternal appeal is its mysterious history, year-round sunshine, ancient architecture, and the contrast between the sweeping arid deserts and the turquoise waters perfect for diving.

Holidays to Egypt have become enormously popular due to their diversity and excellent all-inclusive opportunities. There are places to relax and sunbathe in all-inclusive bliss, while there are other areas that are filled with the exciting bustle of the Egyptian bazaar. There are exquisite oceans to swim, snorkel, and scuba dive, as well as unforgettable ancient sites to explore like the pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza.

Alongside all these wonderful places to visit, you’ll also find plenty to taste, with Egypt’s tantalising cuisine and its intoxicating Middle Eastern-style flavours.

Great for…

  • Sun-worshippers ­– Egypt’s climate is warm all year round
  • Watersports fans – The sea around Egypt teems with corals and underwater life, and offers opportunities for countless watersports
  • History buffs – Few countries in the world have more of a connection with their ancient past than Egypt – just check out the pyramids and the city of Luxor!

Flight time:

Around 5.5 hours non-stop

Average temperature:

18°C (January) - 33°C (August)

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Need to know

  • Local language - Arabic
  • Currency - Egyptian pound
  • Airport - Numerous
  • Flight time - Around 5.5 hours non-stop
  • Average temperature -

    18°C (January) - 33°C (August)

  • Visa requirements - You can get a visa here.
  • Tourist information -
  • -
  • -
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