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THOMAS COOK – 23/9/19 0800hrs Update

We are very sad to advise you that despite many attempts to secure the funds required, The Thomas Cook Group have ceased trading. Our thoughts are with all those affected during this very difficult time, both for the Thomas Cook employees, customers abroad and those yet to travel.

All of our customers who were due to travel or are already overseas are our immediate priority.  All of these customers with package holidays have protection and will be looked after.  As this is the single largest failure of recent times we will be working through all bookings in date order and will be in touch as soon as possible with alternative options for customers.

Package Holidays are the safest way to travel with various protections to look after customers, this includes Financial Protection. A Package Holiday must be financially protected and this means:

Customers who are currently on holiday – will usually continue with their plans in the event of a failure, and fly home at roughly the same time. Flight times can vary in the event of a repatriation exercise which is where the Civil Aviation Authority would step in to organise bringing customers home. You could be travelling earlier or later but the holiday would largely be unaffected. You would be asked for evidence that you have an ATOL protected package which is your ATOL Certificate, this will have been provided when you booked and paid and you should keep this with your other important documents.  The CAA are organising new flights to bring customers home and the information on these will be available on their website.

Customers who were yet to travel on their holiday –We have been preparing for the worst case scenario we find ourselves in and have already researched potential alternative holidays for our customers.  It may not be possible to get the same holiday or the same price, but we will do everything possible to get you sorted as quickly as possible. In order to secure a replacement holiday you will need to pay again and process your claim with Thomas Cook separately.  You will need to claim a refund of the money paid from the Air Travel Trust, a scheme which has provided protection to UK holidaymakers for a long time and is experienced in dealing with the failure of large and small Tour Operators. Of course, we will assist our customers with any form completion.


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