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The Travel Foundation

We are delighted to be able to work in partnership with the Travel Foundation. The Travel Foundation ethos fits so closely with our company values of co-operation and supporting local communities and by partnering with the Travel Foundation we  support communities and environments on a global scale in destinations that our colleagues, customers and members love to visit.

Our Partnership Objective

Our shared goal is to measurably improve knowledge of sustainable tourism products and practices with the Co-operative Travel team and to support our customers in making more sustainable holiday choices. We will also seek to raise the profile of our charitable partnership and, in turn, increase the total annual funds raised from customers that directly support the ongoing work of the Travel Foundation.


Founded in 2003 the Travel Foundation is an independent charity working to ensure tourism benefits people and the environment in destinations all around the world.

The Travel Foundation works closely with communities, tourism businesses, local authorities and many other groups and organisations in order to transform tourism in a way that makes it more sustainable, fairer and engaging for local communities as well as providing a more authentic experience for people vising the destination.

In 2015 the Travel Foundation contributed over £1m towards the charitable activities that they support. 72% of the income that enabled them to make these contributions came through the generosity of people like you donating amounts as small as £1 when booking holidays.

We are delighted to support the travel foundation and do hope that you will consider making a similar small donation next time you book with us to enable us to continue to support the great work that the Travel Foundation are doing all around the world. You can read more about the great work that the Travel Foundation do on their website, click here to visit the Travel Foundation.

Sustainable Tourism

The Travel Foundation are working in a number of ways towards their vision of sustainable tourism and they have a wide range of projects, working with tourism decision makers to embed change within the travel & tourism industry. Some examples of how the Travel Foundation have helped implement sustainable ways of working in the tourism industry are:

Enhancing the quality and sustainability of products and services in destinations, creating better customer experiences that also benefit the people and environment in destinations. Their work in Mombasa is a great example of positive industry change.

They deliver and develop bespoke training programmes to help entrepreneurs improve business skills, and to help organisations in the destination support their future development. They ran a train-the-trainer project in Jamaica so that local tourism trainers could support craft entrepreneurs.

They also support businesses and governments to embed change into their policies, to help destinations thrive. For example, they helped the Cyprus Tourism Organisation embed minimum standards for sustainability into their hotel standards for all tourist accommodation on the island.

We are proud to support the Travel Foundation with all their projects, especially those that are so closely linked to our own values.

Here are a couple of stories that are particularly close to our hearts….

Much Kaab Cooperative

Project Aims

1. To increase economic, social and cultural benefits to the Much Kaab honey co-operative and their families.

2. To provide an incentive to support the conservation of the Melipona bee and the preservation of the Maya beekeeping cultural tradition.

3. To provide a model of best practice for other communities, in relation to both beekeeping and business development.

Why? Communities living in rural areas have few opportunities to earn a living from tourism. Linking their product to the tourism industry will help the cooperative to earn a living from tourism, and remain living in their home village.

Results so far

Change in business practice
11 large hotels and one gift shop chain have changed their purchasing policies, giving market access to small scales supplier

Business skills
The cooperative have gained experience of developing a brand, and running market testing, and now have a customer facing brand and packaging attractive to the tourism market.

Increased cooperative members confidence in meeting with suppliers and participating in trade events

Increased income
In the first year of trading, the group generated over £5,500 in sales (an increase from £270)

You can see more information on this and many more Travel Foundation projects on the Travel Foundation Website.


Taste of Fethiye

Project Aims

1. Prove that small local producers can supply hotels at scale, in a commercially viable way.

2. Introduce a 'Taste of Fethiye' labelling system to help hotels verify & promote local foods as a benefit for guests.

3. Help local producers to farm in a more sustainable way, producing greater yields and using fewer pesticides.

Why? Although there was significant interest from hoteliers and wholsesalers in purchasing locally-grown fruit & vegetables, there was no means of verifying the origins of fresh produce available. On the supply side, there were a number of farming communities interested in selling to the tourist industry, but there was no collaboration between producers.

Results so far

Since 2010 the proejct has brought together large tour operators, hotels & agricultural producers.

Developed the Taste Of Fethiye brand & logo.

Self drive 'Explore Fethiye with Village Driving Routes' booklets distributed to car rental companies and tour operators.

40 local food events held at hotels, as well as the first craft fair to promote Taste of Fethiye.

Supply of Taste of Fethiye produce to hotels has increased year on year.

Agricultural tourism excursion developed, including a visit to a Taste of Fethiye farm.

All 16 hotels that procured Taste of Fethiye fresh fruit and vegetables in 2015 have re-committed to sourcing their produce from Taste of Fethiye producers.

Farmers increased their income both by reducing their input costs (fertiliser etc) and increasing yield per acre by, on average, 30% each.

24 hotels have purchased Taste of Fethiye produce, and in 2015, 16 hotels sourced on average between 70% and 85% of their entire fresh fruit and vegetable requirements from Taste of Fethiye (437 tonnes).

The Taste of Fethiye project has been nominated for the 2018 Global Good awards.



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