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Jobs and Recruitment

We’re lucky, here at Coop Travel. After all, our job is to talk about holidays, organise amazing trips, and sometimes even get paid to travel ourselves!

Sound good?

It could be you, too.

Ask yourself, could you spend your days arranging sun-drenched holidays to the Canary Islands and the Caribbean? Would you like making dreams come true for children and the young-at-heart who want to visit Disney World? How about matching people with their ideal holidays, from resorts near home to exotic destinations across the globe?

Do you want a travel industry job?

At Coop Travel, we love expanding our team of holiday experts, and are looking for people who are excited by the idea of holidays and who share our passion for travel. If you are prepared to work hard and provide great customer service, in return we’ll give you a competitive salary with full training and support, and the chance to work in a job you love.

The perks of a Co-operative Travel role

With Co-operative Travel, you can advance in your career, or if you are starting out you can gain the experience you need to prepare you for a long-term role in the holiday industry. With retail branches across the Midlands and beyond, from Staffordshire to Swindon, you’re likely to have a branch within commuting distance, and if not, you can explore our self-employment options.

You can find all the latest vacancies at our Travel head office, throughout our Travel branch network and many other opportunities within the Midcounties Co-operative group here.

We also have opportunities within our Personal Travel Agent Division of Homeworking if you have your own client base. Checkout our recruitment website for our Personal Travel Agent opportunities

Being self-employed is one of the best ways you can balance work and home commitments, so if you like how the role sounds and think you could do it, we want to hear from you.


Chat now or talk to one of our travel experts


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