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Holidays to the Seychelles

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Holidays to the Seychelles

A favoured destination for beach weddings and honeymoons, the Seychelles offer something for everyone - palm-fringed beaches, warm turquoise waters and secluded, high-quality resorts. The unique natural environment of the Seychelles has been zealously protected against mass tourism whilst allowing low-key eco-friendly resorts to thrive, and cheap Seychelles holidays are now widely available. We at Coop Travel have bargain holidays to the Seychelles most beautiful resorts.

The Seychelles glisten in a remote and idyllic corner of the Indian Ocean, scarcely touched by the modern world. Of the 115 islands and atolls in the group, only 16 are inhabited. The largest three – Mahe, Praslin and La Digue – are beautiful granite islands clad in lush tropical vegetation, but without the exclusivity of some of the self-contained island resorts. This is particularly true of Mahe, the largest island in the islands and home to the capital of Victoria. The majority of late deals to Seychelles are based in Mahe, which has a wide range of tourist attractions, shops and other facilities.

Bathed in the warm, crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean, washed over with gentle sea breezes, a Seychelles holiday offers the chance of total relaxation, free from the distractions of the modern world. Seychelles package holidays can be booked in a range of accommodations, from private villas to boutique hotels. A large number of bargain holidays to the Seychelles are booked in purpose-built resorts with private beaches, offering everything in the way of luxury amenities.

Seychelles holidays combine high quality with a natural environment of exquisite beauty. The purpose-built Ephelia Resort, for example, is surrounded by Port Launay Marine National Park, sitting in 120 hectares of lush tropical greenery. Extending across two palm-fringed beaches, the resort boasts themed restaurants, bars, spa, health club and numerous activities – everything from snorkelling to guided treks into the jungle.

We at Coop Travel have many late deals to Seychelles resorts like this. Totally family-focussed, last minute Seychelles holidays are a totally tropical experience - so give one of our travel experts a call today and let us find your perfect Seychelles holiday today.


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