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Holidays to Kusadasi

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Holidays to Kusadasi 2020

As soon as you arrive on a Kusadasi holiday, you'll be caught up in a whirl of activity that will ensure that there won't be a moment wasted. The days in this historic town are meant for lazing on the beach, exploring ancient sites such as the Library of Celsus and the Temple of Apollo at nearby Didyma, or sampling the colours and sounds of town's Grand Bazaar. Don't forget to hold your nerve while you haggle though, and you could be rewarded with some excellent bargains in the shape of locally-produced jewellery, clothes or bric-a-brac.

Then, when night falls, head for any of the town's plentiful restaurants, for a range of mezes (Turkish appetisers), or even just fish and chips. If you've energy to spare, lively Bar Street is the place to round off the night.

As the name suggests, Ladies Beach was once a single-sex sunspot. But now it caters for all, and has built up along its edge a string of lively restaurants, so you can easily laze away the whole day here.

But no package holiday to Kusadasi would be complete without a visit to one of the nearby water parks, which are tailor-made for adrenalin fiends, or offer a comfortable, cooling refuge from the warm sun.

The best-preserved classical city in the Mediterranean, Ephesus, is also right on the doorstep, and not to be missed by anyone, even if you visit on all-inclusive Kusadasi holidays.

If you're seeking tranquility, you'll find it just a short distance around the coast, in Guvercin Ada, the peninsula jutting out into the sea like a toe being dipped into the cool, clear water. Dominated by its castle, this peaceful location also boasts a number of public and private beaches, and this laid-back scene is completed by a number of small cafes.

Booking your Kusadasi holiday couldn't be easier through Coop Travel. Just take time to browse at your leisure through our selection of flights, and take a look at what the hotels have to offer, before making your choice. Make sure, though, that you get ahead of the crowds by booking early – that way, you'll be sure of getting every detail of the holiday you want, on the dates you want it.

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