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Holidays to Kemer

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Holidays to Kemer 2020

Lying in a magnificent crescent-shaped bay, and overlooked by the pine forests of the Taurus Mountains, Kemer has been an up-and-coming resort on the Turkish Mediterranean coast in recent years.

The city is the home of an 'eternal flame', created by methane gas burning miles below ground. It is the same phenomenon which, in ancient Greek times, gave rise to the legend of the Chimera, a fire-breathing creature which was said to inhabit the area.

Aside from these ancient natural phenomena, on a Kemer holiday you'll also encounter lots of traditional attractions which make it an excellent base to get a real taste of Turkey.

Last-minute holidays in Kemer guarantee you a great choice of places to relax on the beach, and whether you prefer soft sands or pebbles, you'll find perfect conditions for just lazing under the sun.

The two main beaches both have a dramatic backdrop of spectacular mountains rising up from the horizon, and offer the prospect that package holidays to Kemer will soon see your worries dissolving as you laze under the sun's rays.

Kemer's marina is the anchorage for plenty of high-class cruising boats, whose crew and passengers regularly frequent the resort's chic nightclubs and bars. Both the visitors and the attractions lend an international flavour to Kemer's cuisine, which nevertheless still offers the chance to chow down on some traditional Turkish specialities.

If after reading about what the resort has to offer, you're keen on finding out what Kemer late deals are available, check out what we've got to offer. You could easily discover your ideal Turkish holiday delight!


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