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Holidays to Belek

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Holidays to Belek 2020

With over 10 miles of white sand and shingle beaches, we at Co-operative Travel recommend Belek as the ideal holiday destination for anyone who loves to while away their time on the beach, soaking up the north African sun.

A purpose-built resort, most activity revolves around the hotel complexes, making a Belek all-inclusive holiday a popular choice with people who put value for money at the top of their priority list.

Its proximity to the regional capital of Antalya means package holidays to Belek are a great choice for anyone coming to Turkey for its renowned shopping and markets selling local gifts and other products.

For low-cost holidays Belek is a brilliant option, because you can fill your suitcase with a great range of clothing from the local bazaars for a fraction of the price you'd pay at home.

Some of most historic sites in Turkey are close at hand when you visit on Belek late deals, such as the ancient yet bustling city of Antalya, about 18 miles away, and the smaller but no less historically important ancient Greek city of Side, with its ruined Temple of Apollo, and far more intact Great Gate, which straddles the main street.

Belek holidays are also a great option for anyone who likes a bit of greenery mixed with their beach and sea fun – abundant fragrant pine forests surround this small town, which are home to a variety of dazzlingly-coloured plants as well as plentiful wildlife.

Holidays in Belek also give you a chance to rub shoulders with the Turkish jet-set, who frequent its golf, tennis and watersports facilities.

The resort's high-quality hotels are a great holiday base for families and couples, and house most of the resort's facilities, such as restaurants and bars.

Make a beeline for Belek if you're looking for a resort that encompasses everything that's great about Turkey and at Co-operative Travel we have a large range of bargain holidays to Turkey for you to choose from, so all you need to do is pick your favourite.

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