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Holidays to Italy

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Holidays to Italy

Mainland Italy holidays are always hugely popular and boast amazing scenery, well-known sights, beaches and, of course, tasty Italian food! With so many places and things to see, it can be difficult to decide where to book for your Italian holiday. Our Italian holiday experts can help you in making that decision; we also cover a range of ideas here on our website.

Northern Italy Holidays

Northern Italy boasts some amazing cities - Turin, Milan, Florence and the romantic Venice. Our expert holiday advisors can help you book a package holiday which covers one or more Italian cities.

Southern Italy Holidays

Southern Italy has many famous towns/cities to visit, including Rome and Naples . Rome is a must-see for many people. It’s simply dripping with sights and monuments with the famous Colosseum and Roman Forum being the jewel in the crown of this ancient city.

Italian Islands Holidays

Italy also boasts a range of islands which are set off its mainland. Near the toe end of Italy is the island of Sicily which has beautiful beaches, great resorts and lots of ancient ruins to explore. Sardinia is another island famed for its beaches and rustic towns and villages.

Wherever you go for your holiday to Italy, you can be certain to see loads of wonderful sights and sample many Italian food delights along the way!

Booking Ahead – Italy Holidays

If you’re looking to save money, then why not book ahead? Great, cheap, deals and packages are now available for Italian holidays.

Booking ahead for your holiday to Italy has real advantages. Whether you are booking a romantic getaway or a treat for the family, look no further. The sooner you book your holiday, the sooner you can prepare and look forward to it! With no worries about taking last minute time off work and bagging a great deal at the same time, booking your holiday early has its rewards.

Book an Italian Package Holiday for Next Year & Save Money Now

Wherever you decide to book your Italian holidays, there are plenty of packages to suit your budget. Italy has many top quality hotels and villas - which can be booked on a bed & breakfast, full or half-board basis. However, many cheap holidays to Italy are set within self-catering accommodations. Look at the last minute Italy holidays Co-operative Travel have on offer for the latest deals.

Italy – Holiday Destination Information

Key Information: Italy is a great country that has given a lot to western culture. They’ve given plenty to modern cuisine, modern fashion, religion, art, etc. It is easy to forget just how diverse a country Italy is, but really it’s quite astonishing how very different and unique some of Italy’s cities are. A good example of this is Venice - where you need a boat to get from your hotel to the café.

Ideal Time to go: The ideal time to holiday in Italy all depends on your preference; if you choose savings over great weather, then we recommend a November-March holiday as this is low season so it will be much cheaper with fewer crowds - however, the weather won’t be as great. If you want the warmer holiday weather, then we’d recommend a May-September holiday as this is high season when the weather is at its warmest - however, this will cost more and you’ll see far bigger crowds of holiday-goers.

Weather: The average annual temperature in Italy is 16°C. Italy’s warmest month is July with an average temperature of 26°C. The coolest months are December-February with an average temperature of 9°C. The wettest month is December with an average of 96mm of rain over 9 days. August is the one month that doesn’t generally see any rain. The rest of the year is quite consistent when it comes to rainfall with about 20mm rainfall over 6 days each month.

Flight Time: A direct flight from London to Rome takes around 2 and a half hours

Time Difference: Italy is 1 hour ahead of UK time

Currency: Euro (€)

Fun Fact: Italy has only been a country for 153 years.

Top Tip: Drink the house wine – this is Italy, so the house wine is pretty much always great quality and very cheap too!

How to Get There

Direct holiday flights between the major cities of the UK and the major cities of Italy are available all year round at cheap prices. We recommend flying direct to your Italian holiday as this often proves cheaper and much quicker. Bear in mind that flights during off-peak seasons will often prove much cheaper too.

Places to Go on your Italian Holiday

Italy is a wonderful country that has many beautiful sights to see and tons of culture to explore. Here are our top recommended places to visit during your holiday in Italy:

  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa – This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy. It’s probably also the source of the most popular holiday photograph. It really is an impressive sight to behold and it has plenty of cheap cafes situated around it so you can relax and take in the view.
  • The Roman Colosseum – This is probably one of the most astonishing sights in Italy. It’s an impressive piece of architecture that’s filled to the brim with fascinating history and culture. It is also the largest amphitheatre to have ever been built.
  • Trevi Fountain – This is a gorgeous example of fine ancient Italian architecture. Tourists flock to this beautiful fountain to throw in their euros in order to make a wish. This raises thousands of euros every day that is then collected from the fountain and donated to charity.


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