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Holidays to the Gambia

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Holidays to the Gambia 2020

Gambia holidays mean lush tropical jungles; meandering rivers; hidden tribal villages; glistening palm-fringed beaches and an amazing variety of bird and animal life. At Co-operative Travel we have last minute holidays to Gambia that will whisk you there in just 6 hours.

The Gambians are a smiling, happy people with a culture as colourful as their birdlife. Gambia package holidays have become a popular option for those seeking an exotic African adventure, with the laid-back familiarity of a beach break. Until recently, bargain holidays to Gambia were an unknown concept – until the Gambians saw the sense of opening up their beautiful country to visitors. The result was a range of authentically designed luxury beach resorts along the Atlantic coast. However, Gambia is one big nature reserve. Wherever you book Gambia package holidays, they invariably include trips up the Gambia River, to attractions like Abuko Nature Reserve.

Cheap holidays are available in exotically-named resorts like Bijilo Beach, Kololi and Banjul, an island capital at the mouth of the river. While late deals in Gambia revolve around the beach resorts, the country has been welcoming visitors for centuries. Established by the British in 1816, Banjul is rich in culture and heritage, with fine colonial buildings, museums, craft centres and a colourful harbour.

For many people, bargain holidays to Gambia mean the beaches. Banjul’s attractive, self-contained resorts offer soft sands, lush gardens and beautiful views of the ocean and river. Boat trips, fishing and bird-watching treks are just some of the activities on offer. The hotels offer everything in the way of wining, dining and entertainment, but for a change of scene there are some lively beach bars along the coast.

For a fun-packed time, look for Gambia holiday offers in Kololi, Gambia's liveliest beach resort. This town has it all – beautiful palm-fringed beaches, water-sports; golf, a casino and endless bars, restaurants and nightclubs. For peace and tranquillity, however at Co op Travel we recommend Bijilo, nearby.

Gambia - Holiday Destination Information

Key Information: Gambia is situated on the coast of West Africa and is rich in heritage and culture. Although this is one of the smallest countries in Africa, it is also one of the safest. Gambia is known to be very welcoming and has been called the ‘Smiling Coast of Africa’. If you love culture, history and want to experience something different, then a holiday in Gambia is for you.

Ideal Time to Go: Gambia provides consistently hot weather throughout the year due to its subtropical climate. If you want to bask in the sun, then the best time for sunny weather is June. This is the hottest month and provides the most amount of sunshine. If you are looking to book cheaper holidays to Gambia, then we recommend booking around July to September. Although the weather may bit slightly cooler and milder, you will be getting cheaper hotel rates which mean that you can save money.

Weather: Gambia’s subtropical climate comes with an abundance of sunshine throughout the year. The highest annual temperatures are around 29°C to 34°C which makes this a great all-year round holiday destination. The hottest month is June with temperatures rising up to 27°C, whereas the coldest months are December and January with temperatures at a moderate 24°C. With consistently hot temperatures, Gambia has proven to be a fantastic all-year round holiday destination.

Flight Time: Direct flights and connecting flights to Gambia take around 6.5 hours. 

Time Difference: Gambia is 1 hour behind the UK.

Currency: Gambian Dalasi (D)

Fun Fact: The official language in Gambia is English. There are a few other languages which are used such as Mandinka, Wolof and Serer. 

Top Tip: You may need to be immunised before travelling to Gambia. Please consult your doctor before travelling abroad just to be on the safe side. 

How to Get There

Flights to Gambia should be relatively easy to find as there are direct flights and connecting flights to Gambia from several airports across the UK. Direct flights should take around 6 hours to get to Gambia. If you are taking connecting flights, then it can be more expensive and it could take longer.


Places to Visit on Your Gambia Holiday

The Gambia is full of exciting locations, all of which have something different to offer. Here are some of our top recommended places to visit for your holiday to Gambia:

  • Banjul – This is the capital of Gambia and is also one of the smallest capitals in Africa. You can learn more about Banjul’s history at the Banjul Museum. Here you’ll find many interesting items which relate to tribal culture, traditions and heritage. 

  • Craft Markets – Craft markets offer a variety of fascinating items, from baskets, carvings, masks, trinkets and more. One of the best markets is in Banjul which is known as the Royal Albert Market. 

  • Brufut – If you’re looking for a quieter area to relax in, then take a trip to Brufut and experience the golden stretches of the beach. There are also luxury villas here which give spectacular views over the beach and the Atlantic Ocean.


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