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Holidays to Cape Verde

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Holidays to Cape Verde

If you think you’ve seen every exotic tropical destination there is to see, let us introduce you to the Cape Verde Islands. Cape Verde holidays offer the tropical beaches of the Caribbean, with the mystique of West Africa. Still mainly undiscovered by tourism, holidays to Cape Verde offer you an unspoilt paradise.

Cape Verde is a republic of 10 beautiful volcanic islands located off the coast of West Africa, a few hundred miles further south than the Canary Islands. Most Cape Verde holidays are booked to the islands Boa Vista and Sal (regular flights are available from many major UK airports - see below for more info), which have the finest beaches. However, since all the Cape Verde islands are serene realms of golden sand and turquoise waters, you can’t really go wrong.

Flights to Cape Verde

As a fairly new destination, flights to Cape Verde are not as widely available as some more popular destinations, but there are still a good selection of departure airports available, you just need to know which days to search for. Here's a brief summary of the best days to check:

Birmingham Airport - Flights available on Tuesdays

Manchester Airport - Flights available on Mondays & Thursdays

London Gatwick Airport - Flights available on Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays

If you are struggling to find the perfect deal, why not give our expert travel team a call, they will be happy to help you find the best deal for your Cape Verde holiday.

Visitors to Cape Verde will discover a Caribbean paradise of year-round sunshine and beautiful tranquil beaches. Uninhabited until the 15th century, when it was settled by the Portuguese, located midway between Africa and South America, Cape Verde is a melting pot of European, African and Brazilian cultures, expressed in everything from the food to the music. Along the shorefront, the traditional way of life goes on unimpeded, with wooden fishing jetties and boardwalks backed by villages of whitewashed houses. Nothing masks the magnificent backdrop of tropical rainforests and slumbering volcanoes. A Cape Verde holiday offers something unique - the Caribbean as it used to be.

With mass tourism an alien concept, holidays to Cape Verde are surprisingly easy to find. You won’t see any high-rise apartment blocks or skyscraper seafront hotels. Cape Verde package holidays mean low-rise resort complexes, and authentic restaurants serving delicious local cuisine.

Boa Vista, one of the largest and least populated of the group, is known for its wonderful beaches. Dominated by the lush forested peak of Monte Estancia, colonies of sea turtles nest in the dunes, while traditional Cape Verde folk music drifts from beachfront bars. Holidays on Sal offer a more North African style climate and the island is overlooked by weathered volcanic hills. The endless white beaches are home to a fantastic array of watersports. At Co-operative Travel we recommend you book Cape Verde holidays now – before they get discovered.

Read more about the wonderful Cape Verde islands in our blog

Cape Verde Holiday Deals

Here's just a small taste of our latest holiday deals to Cape Verde. If none of these take your fancy, you can use the simple search at the top of this page to find your perfect Cape Verde holiday or if you'd prefer us to do the hard work for you, just give our expert travel team a call and they'll be happy to help you plan your perfect Cape Verde trip. Book with us and you'll be safe in the knowledge that your holiday is booked with a name you can trust and that your money is totally secure.


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