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Travel Insurance

Come to us at Coop Travel for all your holiday insurance needs. Whether it’s travel insurance to cover your entire family for a single trip abroad, or a flexible annual travel insurance policy with unlimited cover for one person, you’ll get the best deal from us.

Many travel insurance policies take effect from the moment they are purchased, meaning cover is in place immediately. This may seem unnecessary but travel insurance not only covers you when you are on your trip, many policies also pay out if the trip has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, such as illness. It is therefore a very good idea to get insurance in place as soon as possible.

There are many different types of insurance on the market, with specialised products available for more unusual or more active holidays. If you are considering enjoying sports whilst away, check the terms of the policy to make sure they are covered.

Frequent travellers may find it more cost-efficient to take out a multi-trip policy, rather than purchase insurance each time.

Backpackers are also able to obtain specialised insurance for longer trips away from home, which offers additional cover than insurance intended for holidays.

Those booking a winter sports holiday should look for ski insurance, which also covers sports like snowboarding. As with backpackers insurance, ski insurance covers more risky activities not always covered by standard travel insurance. However, there may still be limitations; for example, off-piste skiing may only be covered if you are with a qualified instructor.

Whether you need occasional short-term cover for family holidays, or annual travel insurance covering multiple business and leisure trips, we at Coop Travel can offer peace of mind. Whatever holiday extras you need, you can trust us for quality and value.

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